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If I had loved you, soon, ah, soon I had lost you.
Had I been kind you had kissed me and gone your faithless way.
The kiss that I would not give is the kiss that your lips are holding:
Now you are mine forever, because of all I have cost you.

You think that you are free and have given over your sighing,
You think that from my coldness your love has flown away:
But mine are the hands you shall dream that your own are holding,
And mine is the face you shall look for when you are dying.

About this Poem
"Bound" was originally published in Kilmer's 1921 collection "Vigils."

About Aline Murray Kilmer
Aline Murray Kilmer was born in Norfolk, Va., in 1888. She published five books of essays and poetry, most of which concerned war and loss, and two collections of children's stories. Kilmer died in New Jersey in 1941.

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