3 easy sides to complement your Super Bowl chili

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When it comes to Super Bowl parties, perhaps nothing pleases football fans more than a big pot of chili, especially if you're the one who's hosting.

However you concoct it, you're sure to score extra points if you trade the accompanying bowl of saltines or oyster crackers for some sides that are a bit more inspired. It's the Super Bowl, guys. Time to bench the duds and send in your best players.

To make your chili feel more like a meal, you can't go wrong by pairing it with a moist and flavorful cornbread. Even better is one cooked in a cast-iron skillet with a little butter so it develops a golden-brown crispy crust. If you add buttermilk to the batter instead of regular milk, you'll also get a more tender bread, with just a hint of tang. Dress it up even further by folding in a few chopped jalapeños and some kernel corn for added texture.

Also worth considering: Serve up baked potato skins not as an appetizer but as a "boat" for your favorite chili, which is then garnished with shredded cheese, onions and other favorite toppings.

And finally, because everyone loves a good, crunchy chip when they're watching TV, reimagine your chili as a cheesy, hearty dip. Only cut the calories by swapping out bagged tortilla or corn chips for ones you make yourself in the air fryer. It's way cheaper, and takes less than 10 minutes with just three ingredients — corn or flour tortillas, salt and oil.




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Cornbread can be famously dry unless you add buttermilk to make it tender. For extra spice, add a little chopped jalapeño. It's great served with butter sweetened with a little honey.

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