Auto review: Hummer EV Pickup is unfathomable

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The name Hummer is no secret in the automobile industry, but one that has gone dormant for many years. With the elimination of Hummer in the GM organization back in the 2000s, the big and brawny gas guzzler fazed itself right out of business. In 2022, that changed as GM needed to evolve something extravagant to introduce into the EV market, and the Hummer EV was born. This time under the GMC brand, the Hummer EV comes in both an SUV and pickup version.

Backed with 1,000 horsepower and 329 miles on a full charge, the Hummer EV is amazing. Three-motor performance E4WD with 11.5 KW high voltage charging module is standard in the mechanical department. It rides on 18-inch black aluminum wheels with two spares in the bed of the truck. Did I mention the crabwalk feature? Four-wheel steering with crabwalk allows you to get in tight areas when you are off-roading or just tooling around — a cool feature that only Hummer has.

Its spacious interior boasts large 12-way power front seats, a monster interior and a 13.4-inch color infotainment system with navigation. It comes with Google assists, Bluetooth streaming audio, and wireless apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In the bed of my tester I noted a Kicker MultiPro audio system, an $849 additional option for those who like to tailgate.

Regardless of your opinion, the EV market is here to stay and rapidly growing. Consumers continue to compare EV choices based on price, charging time and charge range. For GMC, the newly released Hummer EV is one cool pickup at a decent price. Its power is impressive, its height and usage is quality, and it has the Transformer-like aesthetics consumers demand. I am confident the Hummer EV will be a leader in the market for a while.

2023 GMC Hummer Pickup


MSRP: $108,700

MPGe: 329 miles on a full charge

As Tested: $112,829

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