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Truth is, we like to be lied to

Tom Purcell on

My dog Thurber has been lying to me.

It only figures, because it’s impossible to avoid mistruths these days.

We just exited a miserable election cycle in which truth stretching, name calling and vote pandering were all in high gear — and inescapable.

Our politicians in both major parties really know how to lie.

They know most Americans disdain complexity and want to hear promises that resonate — even false ones.

They know we voters want contradictory things like more free government goodies — but less government spending. And that we want fatter Social Security checks — but lower payroll taxes.


The politicians always promise they’ll make these impossibilities happen if we vote for them.

We know they’re lying to us — and we’ve learned to count on it. But politicians aren’t the only ones fibbing out there.

Our cable news personalities pretend to be after the truth.

But in fact they spin whatever yarns are likely to generate the most ratings — and to heck with the anger and division their “reporting” causes.


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