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Thurber’s Tail: How Dogs Make Us Laugh

Tom Purcell on

My 23-month-old Labrador, Thurber, makes me laugh out loud at least five times every day.

As I write this column — attempt to sit at my desk and write, that is — my silly puppy keeps dropping his ball at my feet, hoping to get me to play with him.

Which makes me laugh out loud.

My Mornings Start with Dog-Induced Laughter

I knew getting a dog would change my daily routine, but I had no idea how much he would improve my life and make me feel so cheerful.

In fact, it wasn’t until he arrived 21 months ago that I realized that several days would pass in my life in which I did not laugh a whit.


A lack of laughter is bad for us, our families, our friends and our entire civilization, if you ask me.

And, I dare say, as a civilization, we are taking ourselves way too seriously right now at the expense of cheerfulness and laughter.

As we laugh less, we become more anxious, agitated and angry and our civility towards our fellow citizens suffers.

Which is why I wish everyone could experience the joy of having a dog.


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