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Planning a post-Easter hiatus?

Danny Tyree on

However you’ve been rationalizing your downtime (recharging your batteries, cleansing your palate, getting back to the Real World), I implore you not to perpetuate the cycle of making spirituality a purely seasonal observance.

Every day is a day the Lord has made, not just the days after Halloween.

From a practical perspective, it’s hard to get back in the saddle after a prolonged absence from thinking about the meaning of life. It’s like schoolchildren. I don’t begrudge them their summer vacation; but unless the kids frequent the library in July or take educational trips, they invariably return to school in the autumn needing to re-learn the math and grammar they supposedly learned in May.

Nature abhors a vacuum, but Satan loves one. Theoretically, you can fill your mind with secular thoughts that are always productive or at least benign; but it’s so much easier to drift toward endeavors that are selfish or self-destructive.

Several prominent Bible figures were praised for their steadfastness. I don’t remember a single account of lackadaisical religious observance having a happy ending.

How do you keep up the momentum after Easter? Regular fellowship with good people is the ideal, but do what you can. Download another “verse of the day” app. Browse the bookstore for thought-provoking Christian apologetics books. Learn from a sacred-minded shut-in. Consider recalibrating your music playlist to contain maybe a couple fewer kick-your-butt-in-a-barroom and get-nekkid-ASAP songs and a couple additional songs of praise and glory.


No, despite what your wishful thinking might whisper to you, God won’t be out for summer. He doesn’t run out on you.

But time does. Use your time wisely, year-round.


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