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Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be brainless

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Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

Millions of young women dream of being honored on Mother’s Day.

Millions of others know in their hearts that they don’t want to have children, or at least not on someone else’s timetable.

Many in both groups run the risk of someday facing an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy.

Society assures us these women always had only three choices: get an abortion, endure 18 years of servitude or go through an emotionally wrenching adoption.

There is another option for these women (and their “lovers”): be proactive and consider displaying a little common sense upfront.


Rape, incest and those doggone substandard condoms are the usual scapegoats when an unintentional pregnancy develops, but those statistics are vastly overrated.

Let’s be honest: we see hundreds of thousands of “surprise” pregnancies year after year after year because (a) people are “dating” under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intense peer pressure, (b) women shack up with lowlife bums who molest their daughters and (c) couples take stupid, stupid shortcuts.

There. I said it.

Singers, movies, television, Madison Avenue, social media, teen magazines, college “sex weeks” and politicians are constantly telling impressionable, procreation-capable individuals that impetuous choices have no real consequences. (“Hey, let’s cross ‘Boys will be boys’ with ‘Girls just wanna have fun.’ What could possibly go wrong?”)


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