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Will Bernie and Pete stand by JFK's religious principles?

Terence P. Jeffrey on

Only a month before, the top local newspaper had been promoting the fact that one of the 10 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in an urban northeastern congressional district was also "one of the few women vet candidates for political office in the country."

Even so, she lost the primary.

Now, on the Fourth of July, the man who had defeated her was the principal speaker at the city's historic town hall.

He was preceded by the mayor and introduced by his grandfather.

He did not deliver the typical Democratic message.

"Throughout the years, down to the present, a devotion to fundamental religious principles has characterized American thought and action," he said.


He wanted the crowd to know that he believed in God-given rights and the autonomy of the individual -- not collectivism and the dominance of the state.

"Our government was founded on the essential religious idea of integrity of the individual," he said. "It was this religious sense which inspired the authors of the Declaration of Independence."

In our greatest leaders and our greatest historical moments, this Democrat argued, it was the "essential religious idea" of our founding that triumphed.

"Our earliest legislation was inspired by this deep religious sense," he said.


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