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Chuck Schumer's $79 Million Week

Terence P. Jeffrey on

Back on May 30, 2023, after then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy cut a deal with President Joe Biden to suspend any limit on the federal debt through all of 2024, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised the deal as an act of "responsible" government.

"Again, nobody got everything they wanted," said Schumer, "but this bill is the responsible and prudent and necessary way forward."

At the close of business on the day Schumer made this statement, the federal debt was $31,463,988,658,765.75.

At the close of business on April 8 of this year, the debt was $34,608,412,560,642.47.

In just over 10 months since Biden and McCarthy made their deal, the debt has increased by more than $3 trillion ($3,144,423,901,876.72).

To put this in perspective, the total federal debt did not top $3 trillion for the first time until fiscal 1990 -- 214 years after the nation was founded in 1776.


Schumer and his colleagues in the current Congress borrowed more money in less than one year than their pre-1990 predecessors did in more than two centuries.

What is the fiscally "responsible" Schumer talking about now? He is bragging about how he is spending federal money on pet projects in New York state.

In the seven days from April 2 through April 8, Schumer's Senate office posted eight press releases announcing projects that would funnel $79,174,581 in federal funding to New York.

His communications staff was especially busy on April 2.


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