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President Biden’s nothing address

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Last week we wondered what President Biden was going to say in his first State of the Union address that was new, upbeat or important.

Unfortunately, this week we found out.


Biden meandered around for an hour.

Committing a few gaffes and making false claims about his alleged successes, he pretended his 13-month string of failures at home and overseas was some other country’s nightmare.


He pandered to union auto workers and spent most of the time rehashing the Build Back Better promises he made but couldn’t deliver because two principled senators in his own party blocked them.

As the Wall Street Journal’s editorialists said in reaction to Biden’s lousy address, “The President really does need to fire some people and get better advice."

Better speech writers would help, too. Especially ones that know the difference between canned rhetoric and actual facts.

One thing Biden did that really annoyed me was when he was talking about how competition among businesses keep prices lower.


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