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President Biden’s nothing address

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Do the Green New Dealers who pull Biden’s strings know that while our fossil fuel industry has been hobbled by federal regulators we are buying 200,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia?

Or that most of our solar panels are made in China?

When the president said in his speech we need to buy stuff from America, he got a standing ovation.

So can Joe explain why we are still buying oil from Russia? Sales of oil to the West is where Russia gets the rubles it needs to fund its invasion of Ukraine.

Biden’s state of the union speech showed us again what a weak leader he really is.

For the first 12 minutes he talked about defending Ukraine like a sideline cheerleader at a football game holding up a big “D” sign, but did little to actually help Ukraine defend itself.

As a member of the Ukrainian Parliament said, the speech was a “total disappointment” because we were “promised protection” while Ukrainians were being “executed.”


A major problem we have in the “Free World” today is that there are no strong leaders except maybe for Ukraine’s heroic president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

To keep Putin from invading Ukraine, we needed a strong leader like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher or Pope John Paul. Instead, all we had was Joe Biden.

So for now, it looks like the only way to end the war in Ukraine is if the people of Russia bring on a coup.


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