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President Biden’s nothing address

Michael Reagan on

He said, “I’m a capitalist, but capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism. It’s exploitation ….”

Yeah, OK, Joe. Everyone who’s passed Econ 101 agrees competition is good for society.

So if competition is so great, why don’t you and your party allow competition to produce its miracles in the field of public education? A lot of families in Blue cities would benefit greatly from school choice.

Biden’s speech was so bad, it wasn’t even good theater.

A couple of House Republican gals did some heckling, but Nancy Pelosi didn’t rip up her copy of his awful speech.

Meanwhile, the tragic and bloody war in Ukraine – which Biden and his crack diplomats were helpless to stop – has wiped the COVID pandemic from our TV and computer screens as if it never happened.


We used to binge on Netflix. Now we binge on war – in real time. The war in Ukraine has got it all - heroes and villains and violence and tragedy.

By the way, I refer to the war in Ukraine as the “Green New Deal War.”

The Green New Dealers here want to shut down our oil and gas industries so that we have to get our energy from solar and wind. So far they’re being successful.

But do they know that while they’re hurting the USA they’re helping Russia and China?


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