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Thanks for wrecking the holidays, "Emperor" Newsom!

Michael Reagan on

Californians have suffered greatly in our crazy war against the China virus.

Our economy is a wreck. Restaurants are dying off by the hundreds. Schools are half closed. Disneyland is a ghost town.

And now things here have gotten worse.

Because cases of new positive infections and hospitalizations have jumped lately, Gov. Gavin Newsom has pulled the “emergency brake” on reopening the state’s economy, imposed a new limited "Stay-At-Home Order" through Dec. 21 and issued a bunch of idiotic rules to ruin Thanksgiving and Christmas for 40 million people.

Newsom and his public health experts call their edicts “small gatherings guidance,” but we know it’s really “California’s Thanksgiving Mandate.”

Like the Thanksgiving rules issued in other Blue states, they are an insane blend of bureaucratic stupidity and unscientific tyranny.


Here are some of them:

Gatherings cannot have people from more than three households.

Gatherings should only be two hours or less.

All gatherings must be held outside. People can go inside to use the bathroom.


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