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Thanks for wrecking the holidays, "Emperor" Newsom!

Michael Reagan on

Another question: If masks are so effective, why are so many additional people becoming infected with the virus?

Social distancing and hand-washing have become ingrained in the culture and something like 85 percent of Americans are said to faithfully wear masks.

So does that mean that the 15 percent who don’t wear masks are the ones who are catching the virus? Or do the cloth masks that most people wear really not do the job of protecting us, as a recent study found?

I don't know the answers, but the bottom line is, people are doing more today than ever to protect themselves from the virus, yet more people are catching it.

What all this tells me is that mask or no mask, social distance or no social distance, plastic shielding or no plastic shielding, the virus is in the driver’s seat. It’s acting like a virus.

It does what it wants to do when it wants to do it, and the only sure way to stop it is with a COVID-19 vaccine, which, thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, while suffer another statewide lockdown and wonder if Christmas and New Year's will be outlawed altogether, I hope Newsom won’t do to us what his fellow emperor in Oregon threatens to do to her state's Thanksgiving scofflaws.


There, if they catch you with too many people in your home eating turkey and mashed potatoes next Thursday, they’ll arrest you. Then they’ll put you in jail - which is a real safe place to be, eh?

Have a happy Thanksgiving, America – if you dare.


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