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God Save America – From Joe Biden

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The inept politicians ruining some of our greatest cities – all Democrats – have told their police to stand down while rioters and looters run wild, occupy several city blocks or threaten citizens with violence.

Rioters and looters suffer few if any penalties, even if they are arrested, which is rare.

Yet when homeowners like the McCloskeys of St. Louis arm themselves to defend their property from a passing mob, their guns are seized and they are charged by the local prosecutor with a felony gun crime.

It’s events like that that make me afraid of what will happen if Biden becomes president and invites leftists like AOC to take over his administration.

I don’t want my grandchildren to live in a socialist, “woke” country where the Second Amendment and the rest of the Bill or Rights have become null and void.

For more than two centuries America has been the great country that people from around the world seeking freedom flocked to.

Those people still love and understand America and want to raise their children here, but many of our own young people no longer like America.


In fact, thanks to our leftwing colleges, our kids are taught not to love America and its ideals of freedom and equality under the law, but to hate it.

They’ve been taught that they live in a nasty capitalist country founded by white racists that serves only the very rich and exploits the poor and working classes.

They’ve been taught that America’s past and present imperfections are the fault of privileged white people. But some of us know that white privilege is not the real problem. White liberals are.

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