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God Save America – From Joe Biden

Michael Reagan on

No matter what Trump does or doesn’t do to fight COVID-19, resuscitate the economy or subdue the rioting and violence in Democrat-wrecked cities, he is attacked.

For example, every day the Monday afternoon quarterbacks in the liberal media fault him for not responding fast enough to the threat of COVID-19.

But if he had ordered a shutdown of the entire country in January, when medical experts like Dr. Fauci were assuring us the coronavirus was not a serious threat to Americans, Trump would have been declared a power-mad dictator by Nancy Pelosi and impeached (again).

And what, by the way, would the brilliant Pelosi-Bernie Democrats have done differently?

Would they have consulted their crystal ball and shut down the country last November?

Ordered industry to crank out a hundred thousand ventilators and tens of millions of face masks during the Christmas holidays?


Gotten Big Pharma to deliver a properly tested and safe COVID-19 vaccine over Super Bowl weekend?

Sure they would have – on some other planet.

Joe Biden said in that stupid speech he tried to read the other day that he knows how to defeat the coronavirus and build America back better. But everything he promised he’d do next year, President Trump has already done.

Meanwhile, the whole country has been turned upside down by the radical Democrats’ left-wing insanity, including the defunding or abolishing local police and completely closing jails.


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