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God Save America – From Joe Biden

Michael Reagan on

Build Back Better.

Build Back Better.

Build Back Better.

Try saying Joe Biden’s clunky campaign slogan three times fast without gagging – or laughing.

Biden is obviously cognitively impaired, he’s morphed into a Bernie Sanders lefty and he’s been making wrong decisions about race and foreign policy for half a century in Washington.

Yet his boosters and protectors in the liberal media would have us believe that if he’s elected president America’s serious problems will miraculously disappear.


The COVID-19 pandemic will vanish overnight.

Rioters and anarchists will no longer disrupt or destroy the downtowns of cities like Portland.

And, faster than you can say Barack Obama, young black males in Chicago will stop their tradition of killing each other at the rate of about 10 per week, turn in their Glocks and become school crossing guards.

The liberal media constantly tell us that everything wrong with America today including the sticky weather is the fault of President Trump.


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