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The Irreligious Irrationally Believe That Men Give Birth!

Dennis Prager on

There are very few things conservatives, liberals and leftists agree on. But if they are irreligious, they all agree that religious Americans are more irrational than irreligious Americans.

It is a secular axiom that secularism and secular people are rooted in reason, whereas religion and the religious are rooted in irrationality.

This is what almost every college professor believes and what almost every student in America is taught. Among the intelligentsia, it is an unquestioned fact. It helps explain why, after their first or second year at college, many children return to their religious homes alienated from, and frequently contemptuous of, the religion of their parents -- and often of the parents themselves.

At the time in their lives when most people are the most easily indoctrinated -- approximately ages 18 to 22 -- young Americans hear only one message: If you want to be a rational person, you must abandon religion and embrace secularism. Most young Americans are never exposed to a countervailing view at any time in their college life. (That's why you should expose your college-aged child, grandchild, niece or nephew to this column.)

Yet, this alleged axiom is not only completely false, it's backwards. The truth is that today the secular have a virtual monopoly on irrational beliefs.

One proof is that colleges have become the most irrational institutions in the country. Not coincidentally, they are also the most secular institutions in our society. In fact, the former is a result of the latter.


One could provide examples in every area of life. Here are but a few.

Only secular people believe "men give birth."

Only secular people believe that males -- providing, of course, that they say they are females -- should be allowed to compete in women's sports.

Only secular people believe that a young girl who says she is a boy or a young boy who says he is a girl should be given puberty-blocking hormones.


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