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Communists Betray Workers! Teachers Betray Students! Civil Rights Organizations Betray Blacks! Feminists Betray Women!

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The Communist Party of the Soviet Union -- like most communist parties -- came to power as the great defender of workers. In reality, the Soviet Communist Party didn't give a hoot about Russian workers. The party was nothing more than a totalitarian organization that used workers to gain power -- and then suppressed the proletariat, just as it suppressed every other group. One of the first things the Communist Party did after attaining power was disband independent labor unions and prohibit workers' strikes. Yes, the "workers' party" banned strikes.

The one major exception was the Chinese Communist Party, which came to power as the great defender of peasants. And the CCP slaughtered about 60 million of them.

This has been the modus operandi of every left-wing group everywhere: Claim concern for some group, and use that group to fool people -- specifically, naive liberals, who share few values with the Left but have frequently served as useful idiots for the Left. Liberals do so to this day.

Teachers Unions

Teachers unions are nothing more than left-wing groups that use alleged concern for students to attain and retain power. The reality, however, is while they care about teachers, they harm students far more than they help them.

One example is teachers unions' opposition to school choice. Those who actually care about students support the right of parents to choose their children's schools -- just as many teachers do when they send their own children to schools of their choice.


A second example is teachers unions' making it nearly impossible to fire incompetent teachers.

A third example was teachers unions' demands that schools lock down for nearly two years during the COVID-19 era. The unions did so despite there being no scientific evidence in support of school lockdowns and despite ample warnings that many children would suffer intellectually, scholastically, emotionally and psychologically.

Moreover, wrote John H. Cochrane of the Hoover Institution in the Wall Street Journal, "When schools went remote, parents found out what was actually going on inside the classrooms. Teachers were coaching students to hate themselves, their country and their religious traditions and sexualizing young children."

The last point brings us to a fourth example: Teachers rob young students of their sexual innocence with premature talk of, and books that deal with, overt sexual activity, and the infamous use of drag queens to perform in front of children as young as 6 years old.


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