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Universities Breed Evil Anti-Semites!

Dennis Prager on

Editor's note: Mr. Prager went to Brooklyn College and majored in history and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as attemding Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs and at the University of Leeds

All my adult life, I have warned people about the low moral and intellectual level of colleges and universities. This is the way I have put it: "If you send your child to college, you are playing Russian Roulette with his or her values."

I have always made it clear that for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and a few other specialized subjects, there may be no choice. You can't learn those subjects on your own.

But parents take serious risks when they send their child to college.

One reason is that the ages between 18 and 22, when the vast majority of young people attend college, are the years when people are easiest to influence. We tend to believe that the best time to influence children is when they are very young. That is sometimes true. It was certainly true in the past when people matured at a much younger age, few people attended college, and colleges had not been taken over by nihilists.

But today, many young people remain children until their 30s, and many attend college, the center of immoral ideas in America.


What we are seeing now at American, British and other Western universities, especially the most prestigious ones, is support for evil and disdain for good. Pro-Hamas, Israel-hating students take over campuses, stage walkouts during commencement exercises, and are supported by large numbers of faculty members on their campuses. In other words, many students and professors support Iranian and Palestinian calls to exterminate Israel and the Jews who live there.

None of this is surprising. Universities have been morally and intellectually damaging for more than 50 years. How many young people return home after four years at college (let alone additional years in graduate school) a finer, kinder, more moral or intellectually more developed person? Let's just say it's rare. I have never met one.

I have however met and heard about many young people who return home from college angrier, unhappier, less decent and far more morally confused. The number of college-educated young people who have been brainwashed into having contempt for their parents, their religion and their country is incalculable.

Last week, the New York Post reported on a young woman named Lily Greenberg-Call, a special assistant to the chief of staff in the Interior Department, who quit her position because the American government is too pro-Israel.


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