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God Made Order, Which is Why the Left is Undoing It!

Dennis Prager on

It is impossible to understand what is happening to America -- and to the rest of the West -- without understanding the most dynamic ideology of the last hundred years: leftism.

We need to begin with the understanding that leftism (or "progressivism") and liberalism are not only not the same ideologies, they are in fact opposed to each other on virtually every major issue.

Leftism and liberalism have only two things in common:

One is belief in big government, which, given that individual and societal liberty decline as the state grows, is a significant similarity.

The other Left-liberal commonality is antipathy to the Right. This is even more important than commitment to big government because it explains why liberals vote for the Left despite the fact that liberals differ with far more left-wing positions than with conservative positions.

Unlike the Left, most liberals love their country. Unlike the Left, most liberals do not believe that there are more than two sexes/genders; that prepubescent boys and girls who claim they are members of the other sex should be given hormone blockers; that girls under 21 should be allowed to have their breasts surgically removed; or that men who say they are women should be allowed to compete in women's sports. So, too, liberals do not believe that capitalism is evil, that America is systemically racist, that all whites are racist, that Israel is the villain in the Middle East and Zionism is racist.


So, then, given that those leftist positions are as destructive as they are absurd, how are we to explain leftism?

This question has preoccupied me all my adult life. It is why I was one of fewer than 10 graduate students in all of Columbia University to major in what was called "Communist Affairs." (I was a fellow at the Russian Institute at Columbia's School of International Affairs.) In other words, I have studied the Left all my life.

Early on, I recognized that the Left opposes liberty -- the clearest example being that wherever the Left gains power, whether at a university or in society as a whole, it suppresses free speech -- and that it destroys everything it touches. But while I (and many others) have always understood that the Left (again, not liberalism) has always, everywhere, been a force for evil, I needed to understand why.

How can people believe that men give birth; that a country to which more than 4 million black people have emigrated and which twice elected a black president is systemically racist; that the freest country in the Middle East, one in which millions of Arabs live as equal citizens, is the villain, while its barbaric enemies are worthy of support?


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