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Guam: The Hinge of America's Pacific Defense Begins

Austin Bay on

The people of Guam say "America's day begins" when the sun shines on their island.

That Chamber of Commerce claim is geographically and politically accurate. Guam, in the western Pacific east of the Philippines and north of New Guinea, is sovereign U.S. territory on the bright side of the International Date Line.

In 2022, sunrise on U.S. citizens in Polynesia isn't the only reason Guam is unique and very valuable American terrain.

The politics: Observe the aggressive and imperialist behavior of communist China in Asia and in the western Pacific.

Go to the world map: Guam is indeed America. Since the island is America, it ought to be covered by NATO's Article 5. That means: Attack Guam and the attacker is at war with 30 of the world's most powerful and wealthy nations. In a few months, even Sweden!

NATO Article 5, however, doesn't cover Guam nor Hawaii.


In July 2022 I wrote a column about this grievous strategic error that said NATO must include Hawaii and Guam under its powerful shield. Why? To deter Xi Jinping's China from attacking Taiwan and South Korea.

2022 is a late date to address the Chinese and North Korean threat to Guam.

In 1993 I wrote a guest column for a Texas newspaper that analyzed the post-Cold War "peace dividend."

If you don't recall the peace dividend, that's understandable. There was no peace to enjoy. But in 1993 the Clinton administration thought Russia was kaput, so it sought cutbacks in U.S. defense expenditures.


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