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21st-Century Chinese "Cabbage" Warfare: Fake Maps And Water Cannon Supporting Military Threat

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On April 2, India bluntly rejected Communist China's latest sly ploy to claim Indian territory in the Himalayas.

The Chinese gambit: On March 30, Beijing issued a statement renaming 30 places in India's northeastern Arunachal Pradesh state. According to India Today, the locations included "two mountains, four rivers, one lake, one mountain pass (and) 11 residential areas."

Reuters reported Beijing declared it was merely "standardizing" the localities' names "in accordance with the relevant regulations on place name management of the State Council."

That would be the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the arm of the Chinese Communist Party that directly oversees China's provincial governments.

The State Council's stuffy bureaucratese failed to disguise its belligerent land grab. A senior official in India's Ministry of External Affairs (foreign ministry) accused China of "manufacturing" claims to sovereign Indian territory China illegally occupies. Another dismissed the name game as "absurd."

Absurd? China's dictatorship bets it gains something from repetitious hoaxes. In 2017, Beijing renamed six locations in Arunachal Pradesh, another 15 in 2021, and 11 more in 2023. The CCP says the region is part of South Tibet, China's Zangnan province.


Repetition is the hallmark of propaganda. Repeat the lie ad infinitum, alter maps, act boldly, and suddenly people accept it.

External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said, "If today I change the name of your house, will it become mine? Arunachal Pradesh was, is and will always be a state of India. Changing names does not have an effect."

He added: "Our army is deployed at the Line of Actual Control ..."

In 1950, Communist China invaded Tibet. The communists said Tibet belonged to China because at one time imperial China controlled Tibet.


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