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Iran's Marxy-Nazi Proxy Army Invades US Universities

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On April 30, vile words and violent deeds on New York City's Columbia University campus exposed self-proclaimed pro-Hamas protestors as what they really are: an anti-American proxy army of vicious political saboteurs sponsored by ayatollah Iran and hard-left progressive billionaires.

Prog billionaires don't get all the blame. Fair bet money from authoritarian enemy states like Communist China and Vladimir Putin's Russia paid for the Manhattan proxy warriors' tents and leaders' salaries.

The New York City mayor's office and police department concluded a number of the pro-Hamas protestors were likely paid shills and agents. The New York City Police Department reached that conclusion after police officers evicted, arrested and investigated "actors" occupying Columbia University administrative offices.

According to the mayor's office and NYPD media personnel, the "actors" included students but also individuals "unaffiliated with the university."

Moreover, the office occupiers issued "escalating" demands before Columbia, and NYC officials called on the NYPD to restore order -- meaning the occupation was a propaganda stunt with strategic economic, political and military implications.

The protestor-activists -- whether students or unaffiliated -- demanded the university divest its investments in companies doing business with Israel. Attention Canadians, Americans and Mexicans: That would include corporations developing anti-missile weapons protecting North America from ballistic missile attack by Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.


As they illegally entered Columbia's buildings, the progressive-thug demanders sought condemnation of U.S. foreign policy in general. In the process of escalating demands and trespassing, the prog-thugs also physically threatened Jewish students and called for the genocide of Israelis.

Attention 1960s political and emotional survivors: If the term "outside agitators" rings a bell, ignore your inner bell. In spring 2024, we're talking paid antisemitic enemy operatives with overseas connections promoting serious Nazi-type mega-genocide. "Free Palestine from the river to the sea" -- a common prog protestor-activist chant -- is the Third Reich Nazi Final Solution expressed in 21st-century Marxist-Islamofascist university liturgy.

In ugly terms, that means eradicating Israelis from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

That is a call for genocide.


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