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As Israel Crushes Hamas, Aid Ukraine and Secure American Borders

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Three invasions with extraordinary global impact and history-shaping consequences have occurred since January 2021 -- the month Joe Biden became America's president and his administration began directing U.S. foreign and federal domestic policy.

The invasions in reverse chronological order:

1. Hamas' October 2023 genocidal invasion of Israel. Hamas is committed to Israel's elimination, which means committing genocide.

2. Vladimir Putin-led Russia's February 2022 all-out conventional attack to seize Ukraine.

3. The illegal alien disruption and "political transformation" invasion that began in spring 2021 after Biden, by presidential directive, effectively ended U.S. border controls.

In late spring 2024, all three invasions are reaching near-simultaneous crises. Ukrainian defenders face ammunition, weapons and manpower shortages. Israel's war with Hamas terrorists has been a tactical and operational success, but strategically, Israel confronts political isolation and a multifront war with Iran and Iranian proxies. To Biden's dismay, America's unsecured borders have become the critical political issue in 2024's presidential election.


Money is a special kind of ammunition. It takes wealth to procure weapons, food, fuel, medicine and ammo, to recruit and train soldiers, to repair damaged infrastructure roads and hospitals. Money also funds the social safety net -- wars on poverty.

Budget authority has made the U.S. Congress a key financial and political battleground in all three wars. The rough sketch: Moderate Democrats and Republicans favor funding Israel's defense and providing solid international political support. Hard-left Democrats -- schooled on "progressive" academic Marxist social theory spiked with antisemitism -- oppose funding Israeli defense. Some oppose Israel's existence.

That's why Biden wavers on open support for Israel.

Israel has the power to destroy Hamas and end Hamas' genocidal threat. However, Iran, Hamas' master, is the real enemy. Iran seeks nuclear weapons and vows to eliminate Israel -- another genocidal threat.


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