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Border Security Is a Critical National Defense Issue

Austin Bay on

As March 2024 began, every major U.S. national poll I scanned rated border security -- meaning lawless insecurity along the continental 48 states' southern and northern borders -- as the No. 1 national issue for American voters.

This tells me Americans have realized protecting America's land borders is a critical national defense issue.

Inconvenient truth: Protecting America's land borders has always been a critical national defense issue.

It was in 1812 and is today, no matter how major liberal media outlets try to ignore border security and depict citizens concerned with border defense as assault rifle racists or 19th-century fossils.

Close scrutiny of the polls revealed some respondents said their biggest concern was massive "illegal immigration."

Though not border security precisely, fair bet those respondents engaged in what scholar types call synecdoche -- a poetic figure of speech in which the name of a part represents the whole. Example: A sail stands for a ship.


Lax border security encourages massive illegal immigration.

Yes, complaining about illegal immigration in public and especially in media offends the political Left.

Tsk. Illegal immigration -- criminal immigration -- is so massive, left-wing hate speakers can no longer silence American citizens suffering from criminal immigration's consequences.

Criminal is the apt word, for illegally entering the U.S. is a statutory crime.


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