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Iran's Latest Rebellion, In Context

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On Sept. 13, Iranian Islamic dictatorship "morality police" in Tehran arrested a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini. The morality police charged her with violating the regime's dress code. She hadn't covered her hair properly, or something.

On Sept. 16, Amini was pronounced dead. The Tehran dictatorship established by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini said a heart attack killed her. Witnesses who saw her in the hospital said she died from a severe beating -- a brutal beating committed by Iranian Shia political Khomeinist zealots whose real god is the power to kill.

Big Point No. 1: Amini's Khomeinist killers want to kill a lot of people. The Khomeinist death cult controlling Iran ritually screams "Death to America" and calls Israel a "one-bomb country." The "one bomb" Tehran's hate cult invokes is, of course, a nuclear weapon.

What doesn't appear in major media is the sorry and cowardly depth of America's feckless response to the Iranian people's appeals for aid and assistance in escaping the terrible Aryan Islamofascist regime that brutalizes them.

"Aryan" puzzles you? Iran is short for Aryanistan. Land of the Aryans. That's the way privileged Iranian Ayatollah regime supremacists regard themselves.

Their Semite, Turk, Slav and Caucasus Mountain hillbilly neighbors?


Like Hitlerite German Nazis, the ayatollah clan considers these neighbors to be Untermensch. Translate that as "lower beings." God and the ayatollahs demand the Aryan-Iranians dominate.

And if you can't dominate them, a nuke will really bring death to Arabs and Turks and Israelis and Americans and whoever -- so the robed dictators claim.

Former President Donald Trump's administration leveraged this Ayatollah Aryan supremacy claptrap to fashion the Abraham Accords. Arabs and Jews are both Semites. Check with the Saudis and Emiratis. Despite the ayatollahs' incessant "nuke Israel" propaganda, the Gulf Arabs know Iran threatens them.

This isn't 21st-century racist pap. Iranian supremacists in various guises have been peddling this propaganda for some 4,000 years.


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