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Sen. Cotton Challenges the Left's Psy-War Assault on the U.S. Military

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The psychological-warfare attack -- its script straight from the antifa/Black Lives Matter version of the Cold War's Marxist playbook -- began in January when the predictable chorus of hard-left hacks in academia, media and government vilified the American military with toxic allegations calculated to demoralize military personnel, sow destructive institutional suspicion and undermine command authority with the goal of weakening U.S. national security.

The propaganda ploy the hard left's commissars, fuhrers and utopian messiahs use in their psychological assault first targets individuals. See, right-wing extremists and white supremacists fill the military ranks, and they represent an armed threat, because the military has weapons.

Then the ploy targets organizations: White supremacists dominate military institutions. Moreover, the Army and the rest of the Department of Defense suffer from systemic racism, a damning expletive in the crypto-Marxist academia humbug called critical race theory, or CRT.

Never mind the fact that, day in, day out, deployed or in garrison, the U.S. military is the most ethnically integrated organization in America, and likely the world. The U.S. Army deserves particular kudos.

But facts don't matter to the hard left's commissars, fuhrers and utopian messiahs. Like their Cold War communist ancestors who damned America for not being perfect, they claim enlightenment and call themselves The Woke.

They aren't. They are the angry offspring of Vietnam-era America haters who spit on uniformed American servicemen and servicewomen. In 2020, the thugs demanded cities defund the police. Now, to the delight of communist China, they intend to "cancel" the military.


American police and military personnel both defend peace and freedom. They are bulwarks against chaos. The thugs, however, crave chaos, as the 1960s Weatherman-style anarchy in Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis by antifa, BLM and their allies demonstrates.

Now they demand the Pentagon add CRT propaganda sessions to its training schedules. Ugly fact: CRT rejects colorblindness in America, Dr. Martin Luther King's goal. CRT "theorists" are racists themselves, who see everything in America through the lens of race. Some even agitate for segregation; others expound on "the behaviors of white people." Like Stalinist truth, CRT is whatever the commissars say it is at the moment. It is a weapon of psychological and political manipulation.

No wonder former President Donald Trump issued an executive order that banned the federal government from using CRT in employee training. Trump's order has been reversed.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., is a veteran Army infantryman who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He knows the U.S. military has strengths and weaknesses -- all institutions do -- but it is a vital institution, especially in an era of increasing confrontation with an expanding power like China.


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