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Hong Kong's ballots challenge Chairman Mao's gun barrels

Austin Bay on

The Hong Kong pro-democracy movement's overwhelming Nov. 24 election victory demonstrates that the city's brave citizens disdain Mao Zedong's political ditties almost as much as they scorn the crooked Chinese Communist Party tyranny the mass-murdering former chairman created.

Mao, who fancied himself a poet and philosopher, declared that political power grows from the barrel of a gun. From the Soviet Kremlin to the University of California, Berkeley to Jane Fonda, the global left waved Mao's Little Red Book, applauded his so-called "thoughts" and proclaimed radical Marxism to be humanity's future.

Hong Kong's 2019 protests and the recent district election results are actions --deeds, not words -- that directly challenge Mao's gun barrel maxim and lay claim to a future where political power expresses the will of free people.

In the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, political power comes from ballots cast by adult citizens participating in an honest, open election.

Unfortunately, "ballots versus gun barrels" isn't just an epigram. At the moment, Hong Kong is the only place in mainland China where honest elections express a free citizenry's political will (judgment). Within the communist People's Republic of China, the communist Politburo whim rules, with the whim of President Xi Jingping being the big one.

Object to Xi's whim and the secret police arrest you at 3 a.m.


OK, you're part of the "go along, get along" hoi polloi. You, the sheep, face Oppression by Algorithm -- otherwise known as the Social Credit System.

Call the rating system Red Fascistbook and you totally nail. Chicom social raters collect data on a particular person -- they tap cellphones; peruse public video cameras; scrutinize internet activity and travel logs; and, like East Germany's notorious Stasi, seek the opinion of gossipy, nosey, "arrest them, not me" neighbors. Algorithms supplemented by anal security types analyze an individual suspect's data, looking for criminal patterns or -- get ready -- signs of anti-government behavior.

Hong Kong's freedom-informed citizens reject prison states. They know that mainland Chinese beyond Hong Kong confront a totalitarian hell.

As I write this column, Beijing has gun barrels galore on Hong Kong's border and within the city.


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