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Drag Queen Story Time ... Expanded

Marc Munroe Dion on

Not everything means what it seems to mean.

In the post-industrial New England town where I live, the library is a big granite structure built to impress in the 19th century.

Over the front door are chiseled the words, "THE PEOPLE'S UNIVERSITY."

Local politicians and civic pride hobbyists assure us it means a man or woman can use the books inside to get an education.

My father, born here to parents who worked the cotton mills, had a different take on the phrase.

"They wanted us to know this was as close to a real college as we were going to get," my pop said, laughing.


Despite that bitter joke, my father loved the library, and he took me every week. He never read fiction, only history and biography. Our house was full of books, and my father never had the "sex talk" with me. I learned the mechanics of sex in some book about the court of the 17th-century French kings.

Last week, the people who run the same library announced that "Drag Queen Story Time" will become a monthly event.

The library had one such event, and it was so well attended that they decided there was a need for more.

The first one did draw a crowd and a few protesters of the "REPENT THE END IS NEAR" variety.


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