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The Last Sin We Have

Marc Munroe Dion on

Joe Biden. Donald Trump. Bill Clinton. According to always-reliable social media, these men are pedophiles.

It doesn't stop with them, either. According to even foamier-at-the-mouth sources, nearly every world leader and celebrity took trips to "Epstein's Island" to have sex with children.

Do you want to know why pedophilia is an accusation leveled at so many, if not nearly all, high-level elected officials and celebrities?

It's because pedophilia is the last sin we have.

You can no longer ruin a man's political career by saying he's divorced or gay or that one of his grandfathers was Jewish.

You can't "accuse" a highly placed white woman of having some "secret" African American blood. Back in the old days, if you dug up one of her relatives who was darker than a Sicilian with a sunburn, she wasn't getting elected to anything.


Theft? Fraud? Those are just part of doing business. Drug use? I was young. I quit.

A lot of the things I listed above aren't really sins, but plenty of people used to believe they were sins, and some of them are still sins, but they're sins that have lost their wallop.

Most sins have lost their wallop.

If a woman is running for office in your congressional district, try derailing her campaign by whispering that she's divorced or that she has children by more than one man. Try it.


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