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Joe Biden's not crazy and can hold the wheel steady

Marc Munroe Dion on

Joe Biden, D-Forever, is as uninspiring a candidate as Hillary Clinton. Clinton ran her last presidential campaign the way a state representative does if he's running unopposed.

But she wasn't crazy.

How we long for "not crazy"!

Biden's main campaign plank is that he's not crazy, not even a little.

He may be more confused than he ought to be, but he is most definitely not crazy. Not loony. Not crackers. Not koo-koo.

He is, in short, not crazy.


He is an adaptable politician with a spotty history as regards civil rights, and a fair knowledge of foreign affairs.

It's a bad year, is 2020. I put on a mask so as not to get a virus, and crazy people tell me I might as well use the Constitution as a doormat. Well, not all of them are crazy. Some of them are radio and television commentators who have discovered that crazy people are an extremely loyal audience. They tell me my mask is an affront to the Constitution because saying that pays for the beach house, the Percocets, and the multiple divorces.

Oh, yeah. Joe Biden is boring as hell, and his wife isn't made of plastic and forged immigration documents, but he's as normal as your own dimwitted state rep., who appears regularly in church, shows up at all ribbon cuttings, and who can at least pretend to like the black people in her district.

This column job doesn't come with a crystal ball. I didn't think Pres. Donald Trump was crazy during his first campaign. I thought he sounded crude and stupid, but I figured he might have learned to speak a little crude and stupid so he could appeal to crude, stupid voters. Politicians often learn a few words in another language.


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