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Preview: A quick look at collaborative multiplayer in Harmonix's 'Fuser'

Harmonix offered a glimpse of their upcoming D.J. game "Fuser," but it was focused on the basics. The demo showed how players can mix music and blend tunes by hitting the downbeat. It covered how levels were scored and showed off the technology, which had roots in the developer's lesser-known project "DropMix."

The second look at "Fuser" ...Read more

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Review: Despite murky messaging, 'Marvel's Avengers' shows its potential

Summer used to have a flow in the video game industry. E3 and other conventions started the hype train rolling. Follow-up events built up more momentum, and by the time fall arrived, the anticipation in the air would be palpable.

Gamers would have a clear idea of the projects they would play the rest of the year. They had certain expectations...Read more


As US TikTok ban nears, here's what we know about a deal

With just days to go until President Donald Trump's ban on TikTok in the U.S. comes into effect, the race is on for owner ByteDance to win approval for its plan to avoid a shutdown.

Technology giant Oracle Corp. has emerged as the Beijing-based company's chosen partner for a deal, beating out Microsoft Corp. There's still much to be decided ...Read more

SEC requires Seattle e-sports platform Unikrn to repay funds raised in crypto deal

Seattle e-sports platform Unikrn has agreed to pay more than $6 million to settle a complaint by the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that the gambling site, initially backed by celebrities including Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban, raised $31 million by selling unregistered securities.

The $6.1 million, substantially all of the ...Read more

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Tech Q&A: Cloud storage can help you recover from a hacked PC

Q: We use Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to continuously back up the files on our two computers. If our computers were infected with malware or suffered a ransomware attack (in which files are encrypted until you pay a ransom), would these cloud backup services be affected, too?

Also, can I recover cloud-based files that I accidentally ...Read more

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What would a Biden White House mean for fintech?

A combination of Joe Biden's steady lead in the polls and its own political hopes has the financial technology world wondering: What would a Biden presidency mean for fintech policies?

The former vice president's campaign hasn't said much specifically about financial technology, but its ideas on traditional financial services - credit reporting...Read more

Sound Advice: How to stop the 'soap opera effect' on your TV

Q. I am looking for a large TV. I see the Samsung 75-inch Q6 series for about $1,500 while the Samsung TU7000 is around $850. Will I note that much difference between them? I did check the TCL TVs but am concerned about the "soap opera effect."

- J.S., Wisconsin

A. For readers unfamiliar with the "soap opera effect" it is a picture quality ...Read more

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Sidelining science: Donald Trump undermines fight against virus, wildfires and more

Look to the south and see Americans in Gulf Coast states preparing for Hurricane Sally. Look further north and see glaciers melting. Look west and see wildfires raging across multiple states, destroying property and taking lives.

And tri-state residents? Just look straight up, take note of the strange overcast sky glowing yellow, residue of ash...Read more

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FTC prepares possible antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, source says

WASHINGTON - U.S. competition enforcers are preparing a possible antitrust lawsuit against Facebook Inc., according to a person familiar with the matter.

The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating Facebook for more than a year over whether the social media giant has harmed competition and could file a case by the end of the year, said ...Read more


Why is Apple bundling its subscription services?

Apple on Tuesday said it will sell bundles of its subscription services including music and TV this fall as it faces mounting competition from rivals to lure and retain customers.

The bundle initiative, called Apple One, will group the company's subscription services in gaming, music and video streaming service Apple TV+ and provide 50 ...Read more

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Senators call Google 'monopoly upon monopoly' as DOJ case nears

U.S. senators laid out a case for why Google is abusing the size of its online empire to harm competition and amass even more power, articulating arguments that could be central to the government's upcoming antitrust case against the tech giant.

The Alphabet Inc. unit has clear dominance in the search, online video and advertising technology ...Read more

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Report: Hackers aimed at manufacturing firms during pandemic

In the first six months of the year, as most of the world shut down because of COVID-19 and workers everywhere shifted to working remotely, online criminals and state-backed hackers got busy breaking into computer networks, especially those of manufacturing, technology and telecom companies.

Indeed, hackers worked at a greater pace than they ...Read more


In the clouds of Venus, scientists may have found signs of extraterrestrial life

In the search for life beyond Earth, humans have sent robots to the rocky surface of Mars, deployed spacecraft to investigate the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and aimed their most powerful telescopes toward distant solar systems.

But now, in an unexpected twist, a group of scientists say they have found possible signs of extraterrestrial life ...Read more


Apple's first major product launch event of 2020: What to watch

Apple Inc. will kick off a broad slate of new products at a virtual event on Tuesday, with upgrades to two of its most important hardware lines beyond the iPhone.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant will debut an Apple Watch, likely to be called the Series 6, with features such as a faster processor and a blood oxygen meter, according ...Read more

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Silent spreaders and long haulers. Aerosols and protocols. 10 things science has learned about COVID-19 in less than a year

CHICAGO - It's been only nine months since the world learned of a new coronavirus that would trigger a pandemic declaration in March and ultimately disrupt billions of lives.

That's little more than a blink of the eye when it comes to understanding a novel disease, and the advice from scientists and doctors is still evolving as they accumulate ...Read more


Researchers puzzled by group of 'crazy' killer whales attacking boats near Spain

Researchers are befuddled by a group of killer whales that are attacking boats off the coasts of Spain and Portugal.

The whales appear to have targeted sailboats traveling along the Strait of Gibraltar to Galicia in multiple incidents over the last two months, damaging boats and injuring sailors.

Sailor Victoria Morris described an incident to...Read more

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LA has a new COVID-19 contact tracing app, from a controversial source

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first came to Los Angeles in the spring, the county Department of Public Health has hired nearly 2,600 people to do the manual work of contact tracing: asking people who test positive for the coronavirus to list everywhere they've been and everyone they've seen in recent days, then tracking down anyone they've ...Read more


TikTok won't just disappear after Trump's deadline for a sale

It's looking increasingly likely that TikTok won't be able to sell its U.S. operations by the mid-September deadline imposed in an executive order issued by President Donald Trump last month. That doesn't mean the video app beloved by tens of millions of teens will go dark overnight.

Trump on Thursday said he wouldn't extend a Sept. 20 deadline...Read more


Trump team eyes giving TikTok's owners more time to line up sale

The Trump administration is considering whether to give more time to TikTok's Chinese owners to arrange a sale of the popular video-sharing app's U.S. operations to an American buyer, according to people familiar with the matter.

TikTok's owner ByteDance Ltd. is likely to miss President Donald Trump's publicly stated deadline of Sept. 15 for ...Read more


Jim Rossman: Questions about linking your cellphone to a home phone

I wrote recently about a gadget from Republic Wireless called the Extend Home Kit. The small box connects to your home's internet router and lets you connect a traditional landline phone that shares your cell number.

This particular solution is exclusive to Republic Wireless.

I received quite a few emails asking about or recommending a ...Read more