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Commentary: California will finally have indoor heat standards for workplaces -- with a cruel exception

A state board recently voted unanimously to create long-awaited indoor heat standards for California workers. After a final legal review, that will mean protections for millions of people with jobs in warehouses, kitchens and other workplaces that are getting dangerously hot as the climate warms.

The board made one glaring exception, however �...Read more

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With nests on telephone poles, once-endangered osprey are flying high in Illinois

CHICAGO -- Wildlife biologist Chuck Rizzo climbs into what looks like an enormous white bucket and slowly begins to rise.

The metal arm of an aerial lift truck propels him higher and higher, above thick underbrush and then even some treetops, toward a striking sight in an otherwise ordinary Cook County, Illinois, forest preserve: a sturdy, ...Read more

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DWP ratepayer advocate predicts fee increases, recommends delaying city's 100% clean energy timeline

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles residents and businesses will face higher electric bills as the Department of Water and Power transitions to 100% clean energy, according to a report by the city's Office of Public Accountability.

Monthly bills could rise 7.7% annually in the coming years if the city sticks to its goal of 100% clean energy by 2035, ...Read more

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Scientists know rising seas will one day swallow this Jersey Shore climate research center

The only way to visit Ken Able's office is to traverse Great Bay Boulevard, a narrow, five-mile long road in Tuckerton, New Jersey, that crosses a network of brackish tidal marshes via a series of wood bridges.

The boulevard, nominally protected from erosion by a border of reeds and groundsel shrubs, had flooded on a recent day.

Undeterred, a ...Read more

Can humanity address climate change without believing it? Medical history suggests it is possible

Strange as it may seem, early germ theorists could tell us a lot about today’s attitudes toward climate change.

While researching for a new book about the history of emerging infections, I found many similarities between early debates over the existence of microbes and current debates over the existence of global warming.

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Power-guzzling AI to drive ESG debt sales, Morgan Stanley says

The global artificial intelligence frenzy is driving demand for energy-intensive data centers, which could end up being a factor that boosts sales of green debt in the U.S., according to Morgan Stanley.

Sales of ESG-linked bonds in the U.S. have plunged over the last few years as Republicans push back on ESG investing and investors fret over ...Read more

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This bear may pave the way for new wildlife crossings

LOS ANGELES — A bear taking the scenic route around Southern California may help researchers learn how wild animals cross freeways to get from one habitat to the next — and how they might be kept out of your backyard.

Known to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as Yellow 2291, the adult female black bear wandered into a trap ...Read more


Boeing's Starliner astronauts put 'trust' in decision makers before return to Earth

NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams spoke with media for the first time since arriving at the International Space Station on Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner last month as they await more tests on the vehicle that suffered thruster and leak issues after launch.

NASA and Boeing teams continue to re-create the issues on the ground before ...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Is there a ‘best wireless plan’?

I received an email from a reader asking which cell carriers had the best plan for senior citizens.

Wow is that a loaded question.

My first suggestion would be to do some internet searching. You can find a lot of web articles touting the best plans for seniors in 2024. There are some great comparisons to be found at sites like CNET and ...Read more

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Gadgets: Work headsets

This work headset is all-in-one, except for those wanting a little more variety.

This one is not as big and bulky as other work headsets. That's what you get with the EKSAtelecom S30 open-ear air conduction true wireless headset, which features advanced AI technology and a long battery life.

Since it's truly wireless, you get two earpieces (...Read more


Review: ‘Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse’ adds strategic twists to a tower defense game

The Rabbids are one of Ubisoft’s most malleable characters. They can fit in nearly any type of game and become agents of chaos or fun-loving protagonists. They have given a hand to Nintendo’s legendary heroes. They’ve been party games and sent flying in space.

In their latest adventure, one intrepid Rabbid goes on a multidimensional ...Read more

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Editorial: This record-breaking heat is an emergency. It's time to treat it like one

It’s alarming that only a few weeks into the summer we’ve already experienced a prolonged heat wave that has put about 36 million Americans under excessive heat warnings and shattered temperature records across the West.

Palm Springs hit 124 degrees Friday, an all-time high. Redding reached a record 119 degrees Saturday. And on Sunday, Las ...Read more

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Commentary: It's time to end the two-cultures era between science and the humanities

The melody of human progress up to the present has played on two grand instruments: science and the humanities. But for the last few hundred years, these instruments have been treated as separate entities, one concerned with the physical world and validated by objective empirical testing, the other, largely, with subjective selfhood and human ...Read more


Tech review: More power? EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 can deliver

As I write this, Hurricane Beryl is in the Gulf of Mexico, churning toward the Texas coast.

My mom lives outside Houston, and we were down for a visit yesterday. We ended our visit about five minutes before the first rain bands moved in.

I drove home to Dallas not too worried about our power going out, but I left mom with a fully charged ...Read more

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Q&A: AI vs. the metaverse -- How artificial intelligence might change the future of the internet

Remember the metaverse? It was just a couple of years ago when it seemed as if every technology, media and entertainment company was scrambling to adapt to a future in which regular people would live parallel digital lives online, walking around as virtual reality avatars in 3D computerized worlds.

That hype hasn’t amounted to much so far, ...Read more

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With funding from Jeff Bezos and others, Pittsburgh startup Skild AI company raises $300 million to build robot brains

Skild AI launched out of stealth mode Tuesday by announcing a $300 million funding round led by Jeff Bezos’ fund and Japan’s Softbank Group that will help the Pittsburgh-based startup build what it calls a “general-purpose brain” for a variety of robots.

The company, founded in May 2023 by Carnegie Mellon University professors Deepak ...Read more

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Tech giants face tough task to sustain second half stock rally

The world’s largest technology stocks drove a banner first half for the S&P 500. The question for the rest of the year is whether their strength continues.

Wall Street has tilted toward the tech sector to a historic degree, raising the stakes should the AI-fueled rally falter. Valuations are stretched, while earnings growth is poised to slow...Read more

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Sound Advice: Kicking the tires on Alfa hybrid vehicle

Q. I was entertained to see you were reviewing the Alfa Romeo Tonale plug-in hybrid SUV. As a long-time Alfa 164 owner, I was hoping to hear how the trial turned out. As a Chevy Volt owner, I was curious about whether an Alfa could approach the Volt's incredible drivetrain (acknowledging that many other aspects of the Volt are terrible.)

—M.W...Read more

Researchers pore through dusty records, modern databases to identify every creature and plant in Minnesota

Some of the records are in journals filed away in cabinets of small universities around the state. Some are in the hand-scribbled notes that priests and nuns used a century ago to teach about Minnesota's plants. Others are in the meticulously kept collections, computers and notebooks of professors, bird watchers and botanists.

Now the goal is ...Read more

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Lake Tahoe beaches tested for toxic blue-green algae bloom

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Authorities are testing after reports surfaced of toxic blue-green algae blooms at two Lake Tahoe beaches.

The investigation began shortly after a woman posted a video on TikTok where she claimed her dog died from algae poisoning after swimming at El Dorado Beach and Nevada Beach, two popular spots on the south shore.

On...Read more