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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Telvin Griffin

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In the epic period film “Babylon,” Telvin Griffin portrays a saxophonist. “Without going too deep into the plot, because everything is still under wraps, Reggie is trying to catch his big break during this crazy transition period in the Golden Age of Hollywood,” said the actor, 32, who said his middle school music lessons paid off. “I did know how to play the sax prior to accepting this role. I actually played in the sixth- and seventh-grade band.” Hailing from Texarkana, Arkansas, Griffin – who currently lives in Southern California – said he’s looking forward to spending time with his family this holiday season.

Q: Can you share any behind-the-scenes memories while you filmed “Babylon”?

A: Being on that set was truly the most fun I have had yet! My scenes were always on location … in different parts of Los Angeles. So many memories were created on set and those memories truly brought us closer into the family we became by wrap day. One of my very first memories (was shooting) well into the early hours of the morning. We broke for lunch and I remember someone announcing that all extras are released for lunch. And then Brad Pitt came over to politely correct that and said to call them background artists. I thought that was cool for him to do because extras are usually treated differently than the principal cast and that's not a good feeling. So for Brad to come over and say that made me admire him even more. I mean, for some, it might not seem like a big deal. But it truly is the small things that count and can change a person's experience on a movie set.

Q: Do you remember the first destination you traveled to as a child?

A: Dallas, which is two and a half hours from Texarkana. Every summer growing up, my little brother and I would go there to spend time with our aunt and uncle. They didn't have kids at the time so in a cool way, they were getting practice with us. We thought it was a whole new world because compared to Texarkana, Dallas was a huge place full of more fun things. It had Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor and other fun places that Texarkana just didn't have. So we loved it every time we went there for the summer. It was hard to leave to go back home sometimes.

Q: What are your plans for this holiday season?


A: I love family and spending time with them, so I'm always with my family back home in Arkansas and Texas during the holidays. It’s going to be even more special (this year) because all of my family and friends will be able to see “Babylon” (which opens in theaters) on Dec. 23. I think they all want to go to the theater together and watch it. That's going to be pretty dang cool. We normally cook chicken and waffles at midnight on New Year’s Eve and then sleep for a few hours before we wake up again to cook the New Year's Day meal. At some point in the afternoon, we bring out the cards, board games and dominoes. It's a fun time, for sure. Every year I try to extend my flight. (Laughs.)

Q: Do you have any big trips planned for 2023?

A: So far the only trip I have planned is going to Portland for about six weeks to work on an August Wilson play called "Seven Guitars." But best believe I'll be having my passport on standby, so when the time frees up for me to really travel, I'm gone!

Q: Where would you like to go that you have never been to before?


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