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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Park Hae-soo and Yoo Ji-tae of 'Money Heist Korea - Joint Economic Area'

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“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” – the Korean adaptation of the hit Spanish series “La Casa de Papel” – will premiere June 24 on Netflix, which will drop the entire six-episode first season. Last week, Yoo Ji-tae – who portrays the mastermind of a group of thieves – and “Squid Game” star Park Hae-soo – who plays the gang’s charming but deadly leader – participated in this interview from Seoul and Los Angeles, respectively.

Q: Hae-soo, you portray Berlin in this show. If you were to give yourself a city nickname, what would it be?

PARK HAE-SOO: I am currently so immersed in my character Berlin that I can’t think of any other cities but Berlin.

Q: Have you ever been to Berlin?

PARK HAE-SOO: I've been to Germany once. I visited Berlin when my film “Time to Hunt” was invited to the Berlin Film Festival in 2020. Despite the stay being brief, I strongly remember the city being so inspirational. The people there were so friendly and I felt like the city was the home of art. I was strolling by the Spree river and there was this person playing the saxophone so beautifully that I had to stop and listen.

Q: Where are some places you’ve filmed at?


PARK HAE-SOO: I’ve filmed on location in Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan and the Dominican Republic. Each has its own character and charm. The sunlight is also different for each place so I loved that diversity. Of course, I also loved drinking local beers! The most recent filming location was the Dominican Republic (for the upcoming Netflix series “The Accidental Narco”). I heard it’s a vacation spot for the people in the States – kind of like Jeju Island for the Korean folks. It was a beautiful island with vibrant ocean colors and lovely sunlight, so I definitely enjoyed filming there.

Q: Unlike the United States, South Korea is a homogeneous country. How have your travels influenced how you view the world?

YOO JI-TAE: One of the most valuable outcomes of traveling to various places as an actor is that the experiences have helped to dismantle my prejudices and biases.

Q: Can you expound on that a bit more?


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