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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Martin Yan

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A: We did a trip from North to South Korea and then went to Jeju Island, where I dove with the haenyeo (female divers who harvest seafood). Three of the women I dove with were 69, 74 and 82.

Q: How about within the United States?

A: I love Chicago. It’s a beautiful city right by the lake. I enjoy walking on the lakefront. I love all the museums there, like the Shedd Aquarium.

Q: Where would you like to go that you haven’t been to yet?

A: I plan to go to Africa. My wife and I were supposed to go there two years ago, but the trip was delayed (because of the pandemic). That’s one place I really want to go to, to see the unspoiled nature, eat the delicious food and meet the people.

Q: Where is there amazing food that the average person may not know about?

A: Malaysia is very interesting. The food is influenced by Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cuisine and is very delicious. The curry is unique and so full of flavor.


Q: How have you been relaxing during this pandemic?

A: Gardening. I have 30 different herbs and all kinds of fresh vegetables. I feel physically and mentally better when I work in my garden a few hours every day. I have not gained a pound during this pandemic. I feel very physically fit.


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