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Turkey Fricassee

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My husband invented one of the best kitchen innovations of all time.

It’s called The 10 Minute Cleanup.

I’m going to tell you all about it.

This works magically at the end of any dinner party. Any size. And by that, I mean I have done this with dinner for almost 100 people, but it can be done for dinner for four or even six. No number is out of the question.

We started this about 20 years ago but since COVID I think this is going to be even more popular than ever. The “rules of the dinner party” have changed. (But that’s the topic of a column yet to come).

Let me tell you about some of the reasoning behind this and then I’ll give you the “rules/procedures.”


No one really likes to clean up after a party. Some people won’t even host a party because all they can think of is the nightmare of the piles of dishes and glassware that will be waiting for them in the kitchen after everyone leaves.

The truth is we found out people want to help. And you can make it fun.

That’s the logic behind the 10 Minute Cleanup. You will have your guests play a small part in helping to clean up after the big meal. They will not do everything; but when every person tackles a small cleanup task and works at it for ten minutes, it helps tremendously...

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