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Famous Burger Meatloaf

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When you’re on a diet, having a strong weight loss support system can mean the difference between success and failure. We have a major league support team at Plan Z, but if you can add a personal support network to that and buddy up with a partner, the benefits are even greater.

A weight loss buddy (or an accountabilibuddy) can be a spouse or significant other, or a friend that lives nearby. Sometimes buddies are coworkers who support each other at work. In other cases, they live across the country from each other! What’s better with a buddy? Everything! I’ve listed seven of my favorite reasons below.

1. Picking Recipes Together

If you and your buddy live together, you can each be in charge of dinner 3 nights a week. Then, one day a week, order delivery and enjoy a Plan Z style dinner that neither one of you had to cook.

Plan Z has over 900 recipes now for everything from comfort food to a gourmet dining so it’s fun deciding where you’re going to eat. And you don’t have to eat bland or boring food. Just make a meal plan. Having a plan will keep you from buzzing through the drive-thru at the last minute.

2. Shopping Together


We don’t require buddies to shop together, but when you live together, it happens. The great news is, our buddies tell us it’s a fun experience. I get notes from buddy-husbands who tell me before Plan Z they hadn’t been in a grocery store in years. Now, when they shop with their buddy-wives they are amazed. They have learned to read labels and are astonished at how many things in a grocery store have sugar or HFCS in them — it’s now more than 80%! They are even trying new foods!

3. Cooking Together...

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Famous Burger Meatloaf


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