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The partying has not ended at our house. In fact, in my mind, this is party season -- starting now. We have the Golden Globe Awards coming up this weekend. That’s closely followed by the Oscars. Then there’s the Super Bowl too. And St. Patrick’s Day is a good excuse for a party around my house. Valentine’s Day even. All of these make great party themes and a reason to gather with friends and family.

This past weekend my husband and I came up with a whole other excuse to get a sizable group of 30 together. We had a party we called 20/30 Martinis and Magic.

What happened is we realized we have quite a few friends who are in their 20’s and 30’s. Many of them are new to the big city or are always looking for an excuse to mingle and build new friendships. So we decided to get them all together and have a party.

Since the idea was to mix them up so they met new people (that’s the magic) we designed a scavenger hunt/trivia contest. I thought I’d explain to you how we put that together so if you want to use it as a theme for a party at your house you can borrow the ideas.

For this party, (because so many didn’t know each other), we used sticky name tags. We went ‘old school’. Each name tag had a number written in the corner. The numbers corresponded to teams. We had six teams of approximately five people. So before we started the hunt we had them gather into their groups. Their team leader was the person whose birthday landed closest to mine. (Mine is January 10). I gave the team leaders each a bag with a set of the questions/tasks, and a pen. There were no couples or relatives on the same team.


I read the rules and we set a timer. Here are the rules. You can adjust them for your use. They are meant to be fun and a bit funny.

You and your team have 45 minutes to complete the list of tasks and questions. When you hear the whistle blow, come to the living room even if you’re not finished. If you finish sooner just come to the living room with all of your items gathered and your questions answered. You can have a drink and wait for the others. The group that scores the most points wins. There are points for each item so depending on how successful you are with each section the group done first might not be the winner.

You can use your cell phone. You can Google anything or anyone you want; including us!

At the end of 45 minutes we will gather your bags with your items and we’ll read off the answers and check out each other’s pictures. We’ll tally up the scores. There ARE prizes.


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