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The Kitchn: My aunt’s fudgy chocolate cake, aka matilda cake, is out of this world

Marcella DiLonardo, on

When I was growing up, I was never a chocolate cake person. If it was being served at a friend’s birthday, I would pick off the sprinkles or pass on it altogether. It was vanilla cake or nothing!

But all of that changed when I was in high school and my Aunt Mira made this cake. She came across the recipe for a “one-bowl chocolate cake” in one of her many old newspaper and magazine clippings. Intrigued by its simplicity, she gave it a shot and made a few small tweaks. It turned out to be the chocolate cake of my dreams.

This cake is so perfectly moist (yeah, I said moist) and fudgy. It is what I always imagined the cake from the movie “Matilda” would taste like. We did all want that cake, right? Because it’s so rich, there’s no need for buttercream. Instead, I like to serve it with a dusting of powdered sugar. (But if you want to smother it with frosting and birthday sprinkles, I wouldn’t stop you!)

Taste aside, there’s a lot to love about the cake. With just one mixing bowl and a whisk, it comes together quickly and with little fuss. Plus, it’s practically foolproof. Have a last-minute guest coming by? You can easily whip it up in less than an hour.

I always find myself making this cake when I have a tub of yogurt on the verge of going bad. And I almost always have every other pantry ingredient on hand. I sincerely hope you find yourself making it as often as I do — it might just become your new signature recipe.

Matilda Cake


Serves 12 to 16

2 large eggs

Cooking spray

2 cups turbinado sugar


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