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My Pet World: A few pet tips for the upcoming July 4th weekend

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The 4th of July will soon be upon us, and if you have a noise-phobic dog or cat, it could be a long four days since the holiday is on a Tuesday this year. (People generally start to celebrate over the closest weekend.)

Cats afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks tend to hide under beds or in closets or could try to escape from the house. So, keep an eye on them.

Noise-phobic dogs, on the other hand, may go berserk. Their fear is palpable. They tremble, pant, and drool. They may destroy things. They may hurl themselves through a window or glass door in an attempt to escape the noise. They may dig out of the yard.

One of my noise-phobic dogs used to try to climb on the furniture, including bookshelves and dining room chairs. Then she would use the chairs to climb on the table. I could never leave her alone during storms or fireworks for fear she would somehow hurt herself in the process.

While most cities prohibit fireworks within the city limits, people still get them and set them off. So, if you have a noise-phobic dog, it’s important you learn how to manage their fear.

You may need to only add a few drops of Rescue Remedy, a flower essence known to help dogs with anxiety, to their water daily. You can add a few drops directly to their tongue if they have already been triggered by thunder or fireworks.


But most dogs need a combination of things to reduce their fears.

For starters, you might want to call your vet and talk to them about medication. Lots of people tell me they don’t want to give their dogs drugs, but in the most severe cases, it may be the only thing that works.

Next, consider getting an Anxiety Wrap® or Thundershirt® to wrap around your dog. These garments “hug” the dog which tends to calm canines much like a weighted blanket can calm anxious humans. If those dog garments are out of your budget, then there are online videos that show you how to use an Ace bandage to make a homemade dog wrap.

You can try to block out the sound of fireworks or thunder by playing white noise or by keeping the TV or music turned up. With both my noise-phobic dogs, I played action movies to mask the sounds.


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