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Important Things to Consider When Building a Dog House

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Part of owning a pet dog is your responsibility to provide a shelter where your dog can sleep or rest comfortably. Some dog owners prefer to have their dogs sleep with them in their bed or on the couch. If you are planning to build a house for your dog, below are some important things to consider for you to be able to give your dog a comfortable house where he could treat as his sanctuary.

1. Plan the size of the doghouse that you are going to build. This will depend on the maximum potential size of your dog when he reaches his adult stage. Make sure that your dog will be comfortable to stay in his house by putting some allowance of about 1/3 of his height in standing position.

This will allow better air circulation inside the pet house and will give enough comfort for your dog without a feeling of being suffocated.

To determine the size of the pet home, measure the full length of your dog while he is standing up straight, while he is sitting and while he is on his stretched out position. Make sure that the dog can look out through the front entrance while in standing or sitting position. Measure also the dog horizontally at his widest point from shoulder to shoulder.

2. It is important to have it raised from above the ground to allow water and air to flow underneath. This way, you will give your dog proper ventilation that he needs and preventing pests from attacking the your dogs residence.

Put some small holes in the walls to allow passage of air. Putting a wind block inside the house will allow the dog to use his body to keep the area warm during a cold weather.

3. Make the floor of the doghouse a bit slanted towards the door to prevent the rain from entering inside. The roof should also be slanted accordingly. Make sure that the house is insulated but do not paint the inside of the house.


4. Have it facing opposite the direction where storms usually come from. In the United States where storms usually come from the west and south, it is recommended for your pet house to face east.

5. Putting hinges on the roof of the house will make it easier for you to clean the inside. Cleaning your dog's home should be done regularly like how often you give bath to your dog.

Just like humans, dogs also need a comfortable shelter to keep them safe and to protect them from the bad weather. If you have a pet dog and planning to build a house for him, remember the above tips to be assured that your dog will have the best place to dwell on.


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