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Buddy the cat was facing certain death. Now he's helping ensure other Philly animals survive

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Word of the incident spread. Reaction went viral.

The PSPCA was flooded with inquiries about Buddy. Then came the donations — toys, cat treats, and money to help. People were pulling for the little black cat — not just from the Philadelphia area or even the United States, but as far away as Europe, Asia and Australia.

And sure enough, Buddy started to pull through.

"This is the biggest outpouring of support we have had for a single animal in the last decade," PSPCA spokeswoman Gillian Kocher. "This is nothing that comes close to it."

Buddy could live out all his nine lives and barely make a dent in what's been sent for him. So the spokeswoman said the PSPCA's other felines are getting to enjoy his surfeit of toys and treats.

The PSPCA also received over $100,000 for Buddy — far more than the cost of his care..


So the PSPCA has created the Buddy Fund to help other abused or neglected animals like Elsa, a sweet-tempered, white-and-gray stray who will receive eye surgeries and hopefully find a good home.

PSPCA is capitalizing on all the Buddy love to raise funds and adoption awareness for animals in need by selling tee-shirts and stickers with the logo: Save Every Buddy.

"It's crazy to think about how this one cat has impacted so many animals and touched so many lives across not just Philadelphia and the country but the globe," said Kocher.

For the past couple weeks, Buddy's been living in the feline lap of luxury with his two doting fosters, Dr. Katie Venanzi and her husband David in their South Philly home.


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