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Dog walking etiquette: Should you walk your dog on the left or the right?

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I tried to put several bottles of Sriracha sauce around the edges of the garden, but that did not seem to work as a repellent. Do you have any idea who could be the villain?

Is there anything I can do to fight back?

Saul Wasserman

Dear Saul: To best combat your garden moocher, you need to determine what creature it is. Brassicas -- your cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli -- can be plagued by cabbage worms that can do some serious damage. Rats also are a common problem, but birds can also eat the plants.

Look for the caterpillars on and in the plants, and be diligent in picking them off.


If you notice the damage occurring overnight, then you've likely got rats. Look for a product that has hot peppers in it along with a wax base that will adhere to the plant in damp weather and discourage the rodents. Covering your plants with row cloth can help protect from birds and insects.

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