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Older man teaches younger dog new tricks

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I've stopped asking, but recently he brought it up again. Then he ignored my message when I followed up.

I feel like we should be able to be honest adults and he should just tell me what's going on. Maybe he has a girlfriend and doesn't feel comfortable, or maybe I get on his nerves. But his behavior seems so disrespectful.

What should I do?

-- Bothered Bestie

Dear Bothered: First, you should redefine what you consider a "best friend." The best, closest, most intimate friends don't make empty promises. Best friends are reliable. They tell one another the truth. Best friends also read one another well, and understand and forgive one another's quirks.

Your friend is never going to come over. His real reasons could range from something as serious as: he's on the run from a ruthless band of assassins, or he's married or has a girlfriend he hasn't told you about -- to something as trivial as he doesn't like the smell of your cat or your cooking.

It sounds like you are dangling "best friend" status over this relationship, but you may believe you are closer friends than he does. That's something for you to work on.


Dear Amy: Thank you for urging people -- through an abundance of caution -- to never, ever share photos or videos of their naked children. On the same day I read this in your column, I saw a very disturbing news item about pedophiles collecting these home movies which had been posted on YouTube.

-- Concerned

Dear Concerned: This caution should also extend to wherever family photos are stored.


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