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Older man teaches younger dog new tricks

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Your thoughts?

-- Second Thoughts

Dear Second Thoughts: Before I heap praise onto your healthy and laudable choice to get an animal companion, I have a bone to pick: With an estimated 6 to 8 million dogs living in shelters throughout this country, no one should purchase a puppy -- especially you, because -- according to you -- you didn't want one!

Older dogs are not readily available. These days using online tools, finding a good fit between human and pet is easier than ever. The website for the ASPCA ( offers an endless roster of adoptable cutie pies, searchable by ZIP code!

And "senior" animals -- like "senior" people -- tend to make wonderful, mature companions.

It is rude for anyone to speculate about your longevity in contrast to your dog's -- and yet you could assume that people are sincerely trying to ask if you have a plan for your pet, should something happen to you.


And your answer is: "Are you wondering what might happen to 'Daisy' if something happens to me? Well, I've got it all figured out. Thanks!"

Dear Amy: I am a woman with a male best friend. We can talk about anything.

I moved recently. He has said to me numerous times that he wants to see my place and that we would hang out.

My issue is that he will ghost me -- like literally ignore me -- when I ask him when he's coming over. I've asked him if I am doing or have done anything to make him feel uncomfortable. He says no, but then he'll play this game of, "We're going to hang," and then completely shut down.


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