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Short Haired Dog Breeds - Oh the Advantages!

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Short-haired dog breeds have many advantages over long-haired breeds. One of these is that short-haired dog breeds do not shed as much hair. While a shaggier coat makes a dog look fluffier and aesthetically more pleasing, it should be remembered that more hair means more time spent on bathing and grooming. Short-hairs are also good because pests can not hide on them very well, so they are better from a hygienic point of view.

Here are some grooming tips for short-haired dog breeds.

- Brush your dog regularly, preferably at least once a day. Make sure to brush against the hair growth direction to monitor for pests.

- Stainless steel combs are best for short-haired dogs. Slicker brushes are better for medium to long-haired dogs. Use a flea comb during the summer days to make certain your dog has not attracted those parasites. A bristle brush can be a final touch for adding gloss to the dog's coat.

- In case you dog has a tendency to avoid being brushed because of dislike for the process, it might be a good idea to try brushing immediately after play time. Start gently by brushing in the hair growth direction. Remember that successful training means frequent rewards. Give your dog a treat after the first brushing is complete. Increase the length of the brushing sessions little by little to allow the dog to get used to it.

- Brushing is also important before giving your dog a bath. Wet matted hair is only going to create problems later on, so make sure there is no matted hair before proceeding with the bath. Water and good shampoo in a sink works great for small dogs. Note that shampoos used by humans are not good for dogs and can cause irritation that might require medication. Start with the tail and wash the head the last. No one likes soap in his or her eyes.

- Rinse as many times as required to make sure that all residual shampoo has been rinsed out of the dog's coat.


- Short-haired dog breeds will naturally dry of faster. Usually a gentle towel rub is all that they need. Longer haired dogs need more attention and you should consider brushing the hair while it is drying to avoid tangles.

- If your dog tends to dislike baths then remember to reward it with a treat after each bathing session.


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