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Brothers Starsky and Hutch were abandoned in old age. Sisters came to their rescue

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Sisters Artye and Patricia Avellar giggle as they wrap their arms around Starsky and Hutch. Tails are wagging and tongues are flying from the chocolate Labrador retriever brothers.

"We told them no French kissing," Patricia gleefully responds.

The human sisters and dog brothers have made a happy new life together out of tragedy.

The brothers ...Read more

Mountain lion wanders into Colorado motel

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Colorado shared video of a mountain lion wandering into a motel through a door that had been left open.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Northeast Region, tweeted surveillance footage from the Foot of the Mountain Motel in Boulder.

The video shows a cougar wandering into the motel's office through an open door before ...Read more

Sheriff's volunteer rescues dog tied to moving truck

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(UPI) An Arizona sheriff's office shared video of a department volunteer rescuing a dog spotted tied to the back of a moving semi truck.

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office posted a video to Facebook showing the Patrol Volunteer in Protection coming across a truck headed to the interstate with a dog leashed to the back of the vehicle.

The VIP ...Read more

Wandering cat causes power outage in New Orleans

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(UPI) Utility officials in New Orleans said 7,556 people were without power Monday due to a cat that wandered into a substation.

Entergy New Orleans said 7,556 customers lost power after a cat wandered into the substation about 8:30 a.m. and caused a flash by touching equipment.

The company said protective devices installed at substations make...Read more

How to Give Your Cat a Pill

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Dear Annie: Many years ago, my cat-loving sister clipped out an Ann Landers column called "How to Give Your Cat a Pill." She lost it during a move, and I'd love to surprise her with a new one. Could you please let me know where I might be able to find that? -- Cat Aunt

Dear Cat Aunt: I'd be delighted to reprint this hilarious piece. As someone ...Read more

Child care provider becomes canine-carer

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Dear Amy: I'm a nanny, and the family I work for has a very sweet lap dog they inherited from their grandma, who recently passed away. I think that sentiment and grief is what led them to keep a dog very poorly suited for their lifestyle.

They spend a lot of time out of the house and the dog has to be crated while they are gone, especially as ...Read more

Kitten rescued from lock chamber on Irish riverbank

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(UPI) A snorkeler in Ireland rescued a kitten trapped in a lock chamber on the bank of a river.

The Athlone Sub Aqua Club said member Jonathon Canavan was snorkeling this week in the town of Athlone when he spotted a pair of paws sticking out of a lock chamber on the bank of the River Shannon.

The club said Canavan "managed to extract the damp...Read more

Ohio town mourns death of first female dog mayor

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(UPI) An Ohio town is mourning the death of its first female mayor -- a border collie named Lucy Lou.

Bobbi Layne Kayser announced in a Facebook post that Lucy Lou, the dog who served as mayor of Rabbit Hash from 2008 until 2016, died Monday at the age of 12.

Lucy Lou, who retired Nov. 8, 2016, was the third dog mayor of Rabbit Hash, the first...Read more

Oklahoma woman wakes to find coyote in bedroom

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(UPI) An Oklahoma woman wakened by animal sounds in her home turned on a light to find a coyote chasing her cat in her bedroom.

The Bixby woman said she thought her cat and dog were fighting around 4 a.m. Sunday, but when she turned on the light she discovered her cat was being chased by the wild animal.

The woman said she tried chasing the ...Read more

Witnesses rescue cat from clutches of python

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(UPI) A witness who came across a one-sided animal fight in Thailand ended up rescuing a cat from the clutches of a python.

A video filmed in a Bangkok parking lot shows the man, wearing a reflective vest and hard hat, working to uncoil the python from around the cat's body.

The rescuer is soon joined by two other men who help hold the snake ...Read more

Surfing dogs raise funds for California shelter

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(UPI) More than 70 dogs and their owners took to the waves in California for the Helen Woodward Animal Center's 13th annual Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon.

The event, sponsored by food maker Blue Buffalo, saw dozens of dogs competing in different weight classes to see which canine displaying the most wave-shredding skills -- as well as "surf spirit" -- ...Read more

Fearless dog chases lion away from village

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(UPI) A fearless dog was filmed driving away a cowardly lion that wandered onto a farmer's property at the edge of an Indian village.

The video, filmed Tuesday by the property owner in Jungagadh, Gujarat, shows the lion wandering through the farm.

The big cat comes face to face with a barking dog and pauses for a moment to stare down the ...Read more

Dog mauling case highlights lack of standards for animals up for adoption, some experts say

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COLUMBIA, Md. -- After police linked a Columbia woman's death to a mauling by a pit bull she recently brought home, some animal behavior experts say the apparent attack highlights a gaping problem: There are no uniform rules for screening the millions of animals that go through shelters every year.

Little is known about this dog, though most ...Read more

Maryland woman's rescue dogs jump into Guinness book

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(UPI) A Maryland woman's rescue dogs have both made their way into the Guinness Book of World Records for their jumping skills.

Samantha Valle's greyhound, Feather, was honored by Guinness after her 75.5-inch high jump was determined to be the highest jump by a dog.

Valle's other dog, a border collie named Geronimo, earned records for most ...Read more

Brave dog faces off with leopard in tense stand-off

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(UPI) A group of sightseers in India captured video of a tense stand-off between a stray dog and a leopard that wandered close to a road.

The video shows the dog barking at the leopard, which stares back at it for several moments while tourists snap photos from a nearby Jeep.

A forest official said the tourists likely saved the stray dog's ...Read more

Doreen Christensen: Shoppers unleash tirade against pets in stores (poop is involved)

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I hit a nerve.

Last week, I wrote that I'd had enough with pets in stores and that Publix, airlines and other businesses have begun to crack down on this annoying phenomenon. I received a tidal wave of comments via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the hundreds of notes were nasty, but a majority agreed that animals in stores and ...Read more

The Puppy Chronicles: How much time should a dog spend in his crate?

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Long walks on the beach and quiet meals are fine, but for true intimacy, for deep closeness, you have to sleep together, you know?

I am talking here, of course, about dogs.

I have always happily sacrificed a good night's sleep for closeness with a dog. Before I was married, I slept for years on a mattress on the floor. All my old dog Toby had ...Read more

Enough with the pets in stores! Leave your darn dog at home

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I was at Trader Joe's in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., pondering the Greek yogurts when a woman sidled up with a small dog on a leash.

As she fiddled with something in her purse, the dog jumped up, putting its paws on the containers in the cold case.

Annoyed and disgusted, I got the oblivious woman's attention, and asked her to please curb her dog. ...Read more

Talking dogs: Tips for finding the right trainer for you and your dog

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Cindy writes that it has become quite a challenge to decide on a particular training style to implement with her dog. There are numerous trainers in her area to choose from. She's gone to a few of them, and each seems to have a different approach to remedy her dog's behavior. The difficulty is in deciding which training method is the right one. ...Read more

Stolen topiary dog returned to bakery badly damaged

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(UPI) A New York bakery owner said the thieves behind the disappearance of her topiary dog returned the item under cover of night.

Kim Vann, owner of Bakery on Bergen in Brooklyn, posted a video to Instagram showing a woman kicking the topiary dog outside of the business before picking it up and walking away.

The footage went viral and Vann ...Read more