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University of Missouri loses suit over records of dogs and cats used in research

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Boone County, Mo., judge has ruled that University of Missouri violated the state's open records law by placing an exorbitantly high price tag on records sought by a California animal rescue group.

When the Beagle Freedom Project requested MU records on 179 cats and dogs that the school used in medical research, the ...Read more

Escaped dogs block traffic on Massachusetts bridge

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(UPI) Police in Massachusetts said traffic hit a snarl on a busy road when two escaped dogs went running loose on a bridge.

The Massachusetts State Police said drivers stopped on Chelsea's Tobin Bridge in the afternoon Thursday and two of them got out to help capture the loose canines.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Keyes said the dogs got onto ...Read more

'BART pony' mini horse rides commuter train in California

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(UPI) A mini horse has been nicknamed the "BART pony" online after being photographed aboard a Bay Area Rapid Transit system train in California.

Twitter user @rodrlou made the miniature horse into a viral star when he snapped a photo of the equine aboard a commuter train Tuesday and branded it the "BART pony."

BART officials confirmed the ...Read more

Escape artist shelter cat's door-opening skills go viral

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(UPI) A cat at a Houston shelter has become a viral celebrity after employees had to take extra security measures to prevent the escape artist from freeing his feline comrades.

The Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization said Quilty, a 7-year-old cat born at the shelter and returned a few months ago when his adopter had to move...Read more

Stranger helps rescue dog from Rhode Island roof

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(UPI) A kind stranger was caught on camera coming to the rescue of a dog that ended up stranded on the roof of its owner's home in Rhode Island.

Daylue Goah said he captured video when he spotted the dog on the roof of his neighbor's house in Pawtucket.

Goah said the homeowner wasn't at home at the time, but neighbors phoned authorities.

"...Read more

After more than 1,000 days in the shelter, Pennsylvania SPCA's longest-staying resident, Bentley, finally gets adopted

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After spending more than 1,000 nights inside a kennel, Bentley, a 100-pound American bulldog with a smile spreading from floppy ear to floppy ear, has finally shed his title of the Pennsylvania SPCA's longest-staying current resident.

"I came home today and found him rolling over and over and over again on the couch," said Britney Kennedy, 32, ...Read more

Puppy found in Australian family's back yard was a purebred dingo

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(UPI) A puppy believed to have been dropped by a bird of prey into an Australian family's back yard was brought to a veterinarian and later discovered to be a purebred dingo.

Veterinarian Rebekah Day of Alpine Animal Hospital in Bright, Victoria, said a Wandiligong family found the small puppy in their back yard and initially left it alone, ...Read more

Dog hit by car survives 45-minute drive trapped inside bumper

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(UPI) A New York state dog was hit by a car and survived a 45-minute drive trapped inside the vehicle's bumper and front grille.

Rotterdam police said Coco the dog was struck by a car in Albany and the driver got out to investigate what she hit, but saw only minor damage to the front of her car and no struck object in sight.

Police said it ...Read more

Chinese cafe dyes dogs to look like giant pandas

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(UPI) The owner of a Chinese cafe is facing criticism online for dying the fur of dogs to make the canines resemble giant pandas.

The cafe in Chengdu, which is located near where giant pandas live in the wild, features fluffy chow chow dogs with their fur died to look like pandas. The business also offers a service for pet owners who want to ...Read more

You got your flu shot; you also should protect your dogs with the canine flu vaccine

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As pet owners protect themselves against flu this season, vets say they should also be thinking about their dog.

While canine flu, unlike the influenza that infects humans, is a year-round virus, some veterinarians use the flu season to talk to pet owners about keeping their pets healthy.

The highly contagious H3N2 canine flu strain quickly ...Read more

Sister-in-law prioritizes dog ownership over visits from her nephew

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Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Dear Carolyn:

My brother has always been a huge part of my 7-year-old son's life. My ex-husband works long hours and is not into sports or video games, which "Brian" loves, and my brother is a widower with a son a little older than Brian and has always been the one to take Brian to sporting ...Read more

Poppy, Bella top list of most popular cat names

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(UPI) A pet insurance firm marked National Cat Day by releasing its annual list of the most popular cat names of the year.

John Lewis Pet Insurance, which offers insurance policies for cats, dogs and other pets, said the most popular cat name among surveyed customers in 2019 was Poppy.

Rounding out the top 10 were Bella, Molly, Tilly, Daisy, ...Read more

Trappers called to remove bobcat from Arizona family's closet

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(UPI) A pair of wildlife specialists were called to an Arizona home to deal with an unusual situation -- a bobcat trapped inside a closet.

Marc Hammond and Jeff Carver of Animal Experts, Inc., said they were called to a Tucson-area home on a report of a bobcat that broke through a window screen and entered the house.

The bobcat ended up inside...Read more

Puppy chewing on lighter sets couch on fire

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(UPI) An Australian woman's home security camera captured the moment her 10-month-old puppy decided to use a lighter as a chew toy and ended up starting a fire.

Dee Borkowski shared security camera footage from her Melbourne home showing Archie, a French bulldog/Boston Terrier mix, chewing on a lighter on her living room couch.

After a few ...Read more

Rescuers lower ladder to rescue fox from muddy tank

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Britain said they lowered a ladder into a muddy water overflow tank to rescue a fox that became stranded at the bottom.

The RSPCA said Inspector Sarah Bagley responded to The Calder and Hebble Navigation in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, after workers spotted a fox stranded at the bottom of the 10-foot-deep tank.

"...Read more

Feline drug smuggler captured by guards at Russian prison

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(UPI) Authorities in Russia said guards at a prison intercepted a cat that was apparently being used in an attempt to smuggle drugs into the facility.

The Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia said guards at the IK-10 UFSIN prison in Tararstan spotted a cat on prison grounds and captured the feline.

The cat's collar was found to have an ...Read more

VIDEO: Missouri trooper captures loose kangaroo on rural road

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(UPI) A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper responding to a report about a loose kangaroo on a rural road said he initially thought the call was a joke -- but the animal turned out to be real.

Trooper Huntley H. Hoemann responded this week to a report of a kangaroo hopping along a Franklin County road, and he arrived to find the marsupial had...Read more

Researchers teach rats to drive, find out it reduces stress

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(UPI) Researchers in Virginia said they trained rats to drive tiny cars and learned the activity was a means of stress relief for the rodents.

The scientists at the University of Richmond's Lambert Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory said they trained two groups of rats to operate the "rat-operated vehicle," or ROV, which works by having the ...Read more

African serval may have been caught on camera a year after escape

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(UPI) An exotic cat photographed by a wildlife camera in North Carolina might be an African serval cat that escaped from its home about a year ago, the lost feline's owner said.

A photo captured Sept. 17 in the Fuquay Varina area near Raleigh shows what appears to be an African serval cat wandering loose at night, and Brian Hankins said the ...Read more

Are squirrels saying thanks with acorn gifts?

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Dear Joan: I moved to Rossmoor about a year ago. Many squirrels and birds visit my second story deck, which is level with the top of oak trees.

I leave out fresh water and nuts -- frowned upon by Rossmoor I am sure; don't tell -- and have noticed a curious thing. Often, almost daily, there is an acorn in the bowl of water as if the squirrel has...Read more