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Police: Rumored 'panther' wandering Spain is a big dog

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(UPI) Police in Spain said the hunt for a black panther reported roaming Guadalajara ended with the discovery of the suspected culprit -- a shaggy black dog.

Rumors of a black panther wandering the hills of the province persisted for weeks and were exacerbated by a video that appears to show a large black cat in the distance.

The Civil Guard ...Read more

Michigan dog approved for unemployment benefits

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(UPI) In a mix-up at the Michigan unemployment office, a dog was approved for unemployment benefits.

Attorney Michael Haddock told the WZZM-TV this week that he received a notice from the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency in the mail that said "Michael Ryder" will receive $360 a week.

But there is nobody named "Michael Ryder" at Haddock's...Read more

Polar bear caught on camera playing with chained-up dog

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(UPI) A photographer in Manitoba, Canada, captured unusual footage of a polar bear visiting with a sled dog and pawing at the canine in apparent affection.

The filmer said they were looking for polar bears to photograph when they came across the bear visiting a chained-up sled dog outside of Churchill.

"We nervously waited to see how the ...Read more

Utah zoo finds runaway Asian wildcat hiding in construction area

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(UPI) A small Asian wildcat that escaped its enclosure at a Utah zoo was found hiding at the facility the next day and lured home with mice.

The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City said Mushu, an 8-pound Pallas' cat, was found to be missing from his enclosure Sunday morning and officials said motion detector cameras captured photos of the feline ...Read more

Dog goes 'truck surfing' atop large load on Thailand road

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(UPI) A surprised traveler on a Bangkok road captured video of a "truck surfing" dog riding atop a trailer that appears to have been loaded with crops.

The video, filmed Wednesday, shows the dog standing on a thin sheet of wood atop a load of crops being pulled by a truck.

The filmer drives behind the truck and films the canine, which does not...Read more

Donkey leads escaped animals on midnight parade through neighborhood

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(UPI) A California police department shared photos of a large herd of escaped animals following their leader, a donkey, through a residential neighborhood.

The West Covina Police Department said in a Facebook post that officers responded to a report of loose animals about 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

"Officers found several sheep and goats being led ...Read more

Mother pig allows puppy to nurse alongside piglets

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(UPI) A farmer in Thailand captured video of a mother pig allowing a thirsty puppy to nurse alongside her similarly-sized piglets.

The video, filmed last week at a farm in Korat, shows a litter of piglets nursing from their mother in an outdoor enclosure.

A small dog feeds alongside the piglets with the mother pig apparently not caring or ...Read more

Does your dog have the flu? Here's what to look for

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The flu isn't just a pain for humans this season. Dogs are getting canine influenza, too.

The highly contagious respiratory infection is bad in just a few parts of the country -- California, Kentucky and Ohio, in particular -- and is not as widespread as the human flu, according to Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, which is ...Read more

Idaho plane landing delayed due to cougar on the runway

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(UPI) A passenger flight attempting to land at an Idaho airport ended up aborting its first approach due to an unusual hazard -- a mountain lion on the runway.

Friedman Memorial Airport officials confirmed the Delta flight from Salt Lake City was forced to wait Saturday evening when the cougar trotted across the runway in the path the plane ...Read more

Irish veterinary clinic seeks professional 'cat cuddler'

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(UPI) A veterinary clinic in Ireland posted a job opening on its website seeking a "crazy cat person" to join the staff as a professional cat cuddler.

The Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Clonsilla, a Dublin suburb, said on its website that it is seeking a feline-friendly applicant to serve as the office's new "cat cuddler."

The ad reads:...Read more

Claw machine players find real cat taking a nap inside

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(UPI) A visitor to a Dubai business captured video of an unusual sight -- a cat that made its way into the prize area of a claw machine and went down for a nap.

The video, recorded Saturday, shows the cat snoozing among the stuffed toys inside a claw machine at a Dubai business.

A man puts money into the machine and tries to use the claw to ...Read more

Officer's dash cam captures unexpected cougar crossing

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(UPI) A Canadian police officer conducting a traffic stop accidentally captured video of an unusual jaywalker -- a cougar checking out a grocery store.

The The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Alberta wing posted a video to YouTube that was recorded by an officer's dashboard camera while he was conducting a traffic stop Jan. 9 in Banff.

The ...Read more

Officials warn of possible cougar in Chicago area

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(UPI) Authorities in Chicago suburbs are warning residents of a possible cougar sighting in a forest preserve about 30 miles outside of the city.

DuPage County Forest Preserve Police said a mountain lion sighting was reported Friday at the East Branch Forest Preserve in Glendale Heights and signs were posted on area information boards warning ...Read more

Family finds missing cat trapped in new staircase

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(UPI) A Norway homeowner's happiness at having a new staircase finished was short-lived when it turned out the family's cat was trapped inside.

The woman said she arrived home last week to find construction on a staircase inside her home was finished, but she and her family soon realized their cat, Sverre, was missing.

"I called his name '...Read more

Baltimore-area canine sleuths get their own TV series

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Emma the Chihauhau didn't realize she was in danger.

There the tiny creature was, running up and down railroad tracks in Frederick not far from where U.S. 70 joins Highway 15, tail wagging, having the time of her life.

Anne Wills, who runs Dogs Finding Dogs, a nonprofit in Arbutus that helps animal lovers find their lost pets, was determined ...Read more

Fearless small dog chases crocodile back into river

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(UPI) A visitor to Australia's Goat Island captured video of a fearless dog running up to a much larger crocodile and chasing it back into a river.

The video, recorded late last month on the Northern Territory island, shows a croc nicknamed Casey emerging from a river when summoned by the property owner.

The footage, recorded by a visitor to ...Read more

Australia dog hitches 932-mile truck ride

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(UPI) A family in Australia is awaiting the return of their dog, Rusty, after the Australian terrier hitched a 932-mile ride across the country.

Staying with relatives on a Goondiwindi cattle farm while the Scudamore family, of Queensland, vacationed earlier this month, Rusty hopped aboard truck driver Paul McDowell's vehicle. McDowell didn't ...Read more

Rescue groups, foster homes step up to help Chicago shelter animals at risk of euthanasia

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CHICAGO -- Nearly a dozen dogs got a break from shelter life and were checked into a pet hotel recently to free up kennels at Chicago's animal shelter, which was on the verge of considering euthanizing dogs for space.

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control, a nonprofit group, answered the urgent call for help and committed to paying about $...Read more

British house cats fascinated by 'Big Cats' documentary

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(UPI) Twitter users tuning into BBC documentary Big Cats shared photos of their unexpected viewing companions -- "little cats."

The first installment of the BBC One's nature documentary series aired Thursday night, and fans took to social media to share photos and videos of their pet cats -- or "little cats," as some viewers called them -- ...Read more

Idaho hunter's decoy deer baffles hungry mountain lion

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(UPI) An Idaho hunter captured video of a befuddled mountain lion stalking a decoy deer until discovering that its intended prey is a fake.

The video shows the hunter, perched above ground, filming the mountain lion as it stalks the decoy deer he was attempting to use to draw some real deer out into the open.

The cougar quietly sneaks up on ...Read more