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Package thief makes off with box of cat poop

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(UPI) A California woman fed up with package thieves captured footage of a man stealing a box of cat poop from her front porch.

Stephanie Igoa said the security camera on the front porch of her Fresno home has repeatedly captured so-called "porch pirates" thieving from her front porch, including one man who made at least two visits while ...Read more

Dogs Everywhere

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Dear Annie: I love most dogs and have had pets all my life, but there are times and places in which pets should not accompany their owners. Of course, trained service dogs are the exception.

I am seeing so many dogs being exposed to crowded stores and outdoor festivals and sales. They are generally on leashes, but some breeds are so protective ...Read more

Surprised family finds fox napping on microwave

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(UPI) A London family called animal rescuers when they came down for breakfast and discovered a fox sleeping on their microwave.

Kim Fryer said her daughter was the first one to spot the fox sleeping in the kitchen of their Mitcham district home about 7 a.m. Dec. 15.

"My daughter found him at 7 a/m/ and called up to me. I came down and spotted...Read more

Sniffles time: Shelter seeks home for dog without nose, crooked teeth

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(UPI) A rescue shelter in Central Florida is seeking a home for Sniffles, a dog without a nose, that tends to snort and has crooked teeth but is laid back and loves people.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue in Chuluota took in the 12-year-old dog on Dec. 19.

"He's just a precious old man. Everyone at the vet's office has fallen in love with him," ...Read more

Police officers crawl under SUV to rescue kitten

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(UPI) The New York Police Department shared a photo of four officers crawling under an SUV at the same time to rescue a kitten trapped in the engine block.

The NYPD's 32nd Precinct in Harlem tweeted that seven of its officers responded with a Special Operations unit team to a location where a kitten was reported trapped in the undercarriage of ...Read more

Brave corgi chases coyote away from family's home

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(UPI) A California family's doorbell camera captured a trespassing coyote being chased away by an unlikely guard dog -- a small corgi.

Claire Reader's Ring camera was recording the view from the front porch of her Bonita Springs home when her dog, Arlo, was chased across the yard by a coyote.

The video shows the dog and coyote go out of view, ...Read more

University gives honorary diploma to service dog

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(UPI) A New York state university shared a photo of an honorary diploma being bestowed on a student's cap-and-gown-clad service dog.

Clarkson University said canine companion Griffin Hawley was awarded an honorary diploma at the December Recognition Ceremony to honor his service to class of 2019 student Brittany Hawley.

"The Board of Trustees ...Read more

Taiwan coast guard chases swimming dog for an hour

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(UPI) A Taiwan coast guard boat spent more than an hour chasing a dog spotted swimming in a ship docking area, officials said.

A video from the docking area in Kaohsiung shows the coast guard boat chasing after the dog as it casually paddles through the water.

Capt. Cai Ming Yi said coast guard personnel and marine police tried throwing a ...Read more

Dog kennel designed by Ford blocks fireworks, thunder noise

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Ford Motor Co. has developed a prototype quiet kennel for dogs by using noise-cancellation technology created for high-end vehicles sold in Europe.

For years, veterinarians have urged people to find quiet space for their pets because holiday fireworks can terrify the animals. They run away, get hit by cars, develop anxiety and stress that can ...Read more

Stanley, the Baltimore cat who received a $19,000 transplant, dies at 18

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Stanley, the 18-year-old cat who received a $19,000 kidney transplant last November, died Friday, Dec. 14.

The cat's owner Betsy Boyd, who directs the master's degree program in creative writing and publishing at the University of Baltimore, said she made the decision to put the feline to sleep after he was suffering from some internal ...Read more

Chihuahua chases off attempted burglar in Texas

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(UPI) A Houston man's doorbell camera captured the moment a would-be burglar was chased away by the neighborhood's protector: a stray chihuahua.

Chester Wells, a property investor, said the doorbell camera at the house in the Sunnyside neighborhood recorded the incident last week when a man riding a bicycle and carrying a large stick approached...Read more

Wildlife center's missing wolf recaptured in Colorado

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(UPI) A Mexican gray wolf that escaped from a Colorado wildlife center about a month ago has been recaptured with a paw injury, officials said.

John Oakleaf, field coordinator for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program, said the wolf is being treated for an injured right front paw after being safely captured ...Read more

Butter, popsicle stick used to rescue cat from dryer vent

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(UPI) An animal rescuer in Britain said he used a popsicle stick covered in butter to rescue a cat trapped in the vent of a clothes dryer.

The RSPCA said animal collection officer Glenn Baird responded to a Worcestershire, England, home where a cat had crawled into a vent and ended up trapped in the piping behind the dryer.

"The curious cat ...Read more

Firefighter jumps into freezing water for dog rescue

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(UPI) A Florida firefighter is being hailed as a hero after jumping into freezing water to rescue a dog trapped under a dock.

The Midway Fire Department said Cale Secondine was part of the crew that responded to call for assistance from a resident whose dog, Daisy, was stuck under a dock in freezing water.

"We spotted the dog and shone the ...Read more

Playing dogs stop traffic on Phoenix highway

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(UPI) Traffic came to a halt on a Phoenix highway when a pack of six dogs wandered into the roadway to frolic and play.

The Arizona Department of Transportation tweeted a traffic camera image Monday showing the six dogs, which were of various breeds and sizes, running loose in front of stopped vehicles on Interstate 17.

Arizona Department of ...Read more

Why does my cat lick her fur where I just petted her?

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Dear Joan: Whenever I pet our loving tabby cat, she immediately cleans herself in the area where I petted her.

Should I be offended because she doesn't like my scent and is trying to remove it, or flattered because she likes my scent and is enjoying it?

-- Rebecca

Dear Rebecca: As with a lot of things involving those wonderfully mysterious ...Read more

Mountain lion traps itself in homeowner's chicken coop

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(UPI) A California sheriff's deputy snapped a photo of a displeased-looking mountain lion that temporarily trapped itself inside a chicken coop.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office said deputies from the Morongo Basin Sheriff's Station responded Monday night to report of a mountain lion trapped inside a resident's chicken coop.

A deputy...Read more

Dog found waiting at home weeks after Camp Fire

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(UPI) A dog that had been missing since its California owner was forced to evacuate from the path of the Camp Fire was found weeks later sitting guard at the home.

Andrea Gaylord said her two dogs, Miguel and Madison, spend most of their time outside, and she was unable to locate them before being forced to evacuate her Paradise home.

Miguel ...Read more

Volunteers try to make life 'a little bit better' for neglected dogs

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DETROIT -- Volunteers with C.H.A.I.N.E.D. have seen it all. Dogs loose in backyards walking amid shards of broken glass. Dogs confined in spaces virtually covered in feces. Dogs who have frozen to death. Dogs rife with mange. And even dogs who have accidentally hung themselves with their chains.

Those horror stories are why the nonprofit exists...Read more

Shelter finds new homes for kittens with 'wobby cat syndrome'

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(UPI) A Michigan animal shelter said it found new homes for two kittens with "wobby cat syndrome," a rare condition that makes the felines appear to be dancing.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor said the kittens, dubbed Izzy and Twitch, were brought to the shelter with their mother in October when they were found as strays in ...Read more


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