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Dog dropped by CIA after refusing to sniff out explosives

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(UPI) The CIA announced a member of its "puppy class" has gone into early retirement after she failed to show interest in explosive detection as a career.

The CIA announced Wednesday on Twitter that 1-1/2-year-old Lulu was leaving the explosive detection program after handlers determined she was not enjoying her career path.

"A few weeks into ...Read more

Dog taken to be euthanized found living with vet tech 5 months later

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(UPI) A New Jersey family who took their dog to be euthanized were shocked to discover five months later that the canine was alive and living with a veterinary worker.

Keri and Lonnie Levy said they took their 15-year-old miniature pinscher, Caesar, to be euthanized May 17 at the Briarwood Veterinary Hospital because he was suffering from a ...Read more

A wedding, a runaway dog: Our beloved Charlie's improbable journey home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Charlie was never to be part of the ceremonies.

Another mutt, his future in-law Arya, was ring-bearer.

Did this bother Charlie? Or did our 9-year-old spaniel mix just feel forgotten as all the humans were busying themselves with the wedding of Arya's owners -- Laura Shorey and our son Max.

Regardless, an urge struck ...Read more

Dog praised for protecting 10-year-old from rattlesnake

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(UPI) A California family said their boxer dog is recovering from a rattlesnake bite she incurred while defending her 10-year-old owner.

Anthony Borquez said his stepson, Cole Lewis, was walking with his mother and the family's dog, Nala, on Sunday when they encountered a snake in their Lancaster neighborhood.

Lewis said Nala faced-off with ...Read more

Firefighters rescue kitten trapped for days in utility box

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(UPI) Firefighters responded to a Florida country club to rescue a tiny kitten that was trapped for several days inside a dangerous utility box.

The Coral Springs Fire Department said it responded along with Parkland firefighters to the Parkland Golf and Country Club on Sunday.

Firefighters said country club employees reported hearing the ...Read more

VIDEO: British coast guard rescues dog being swept out to sea

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(UPI) British coast guard personnel ended up taking time out of a training exercise to rescue a dog being swept out to sea by the tides.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency posted a video to Twitter showing a Coastguard helicopter based out of Iverness, Scotland, helping to locate the cockerpoo that was swept out to sea in the village of ...Read more

'He's all I have:' This man lost everything but his dog. Many want it taken from him.

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Many people in Charlotte, North Carolina, are familiar with Alan Lord and his dog, Levi. They're seen regularly at busy intersections across the city.

Lord, 43, is a Charlotte native who says he once worked at a major bank in town. His life began to unravel last year, he says, when he got a divorce and lost his Myers Park townhouse. (County ...Read more

Dog with severe fur mats gets emergency midnight grooming

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(UPI) A Florida dog grooming business took on a late-night emergency when a dog was found at a roadside with mats so bad they formed a "mummified cast" over his body.

BGE Grooming in Oviedo said on its Facebook page that a member of the public saved the dog from being hit by a car Wednesday night in Orange County and discovered the canine's fur...Read more

VIDEO: House cat interrupts news report of 'large cat' loose in Mississippi

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(UPI) A show-stealing house cat in Mississippi got its 15 seconds of fame after turning up in the background during a report of a "large cat" on the loose.

Fox 13 reporter Scott Madus shared video of the cat's opportune appearance in the background as he reported about a loose mountain lion in Hernando.

"There's been spotting of a cougar... ...Read more

VIDEO: Florida woman films panther watching her from back yard

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(UPI) A Florida woman sitting down for her morning coffee captured video of a rare Florida panther she caught staring back at her.

Andy Lloyd of Golden Gate Estates said she was sitting down for her morning coffee and browsing Facebook on Sunday morning when she noticed the big cat watching her from outside the glass wall of her enclosed pool. ...Read more

Professor brings dog to class, gives students 'quiz'

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(UPI) A University of Vermont professor brightened up his 7 p.m. class by bringing in his dog -- and giving students a "pop quiz" about the canine.

David Chapnick, a student at the University of Vermont, snapped photos of Maggie the dog's recent visit to his 7 p.m. Consumer Law and Policy class.

Chapnick said Maggie has made multiple visits to...Read more

Doggy day cares thrive in pet-obsessed Seattle

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SEATTLE -- Little cots, cubbies with names, family photos on the walls and even blueberry-infused facials.

The popularity of doggy day cares in Seattle is on the rise. And some of the perks are so nice for our furry friends that one woman on a recent tour of day care CityDog! Club began to weep.

"She said the doggy day care was nicer than her ...Read more

New Zealand man accidentally kidnaps neighbor's cat

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(UPI) A man in New Zealand accidentally kidnapped his neighbor's cat after mistaking it for his own pet.

Clarke Gayford‏ said the case of mistaken identity began when his friend mistakenly brought his neighbor's cat to the vet, believing his own cat was behaving strangely.

"A mate spent $130 at vet on his cat then had to lock it in his ...Read more

Lion cub seized from man's apartment in Paris suburb

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(UPI) Authorities in a Paris suburb said they seized a lion cub from a man's apartment after being tipped off to the animal's presence by posts on social media.

The Firefighters of Paris posted photos to Facebook of the lion cub they seized from a Noisy-le-Sec apartment at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Firefighters and the brigade's veterinarian ...Read more

'Working Cats' program gives hard-to-adopt felines jobs at Baltimore businesses

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BALTIMORE -- Not long ago, Inky the cat was so angry and frightened that the only way his rescuers at BARCS could handle him was by trapping the 4-year-old black cat with a net.

Then Inky got a job doing pest control through the "Working Cat" program run by the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter Inc. and almost overnight, his outlook on ...Read more

VIDEO: Wolf chases car for over a mile on rural British Columbia road

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(UPI) A family traveling a rural British Columbia road captured video of a curious gray wolf that chased their car for more than a mile.

The video, recorded last month near Radium Hot Springs, shows the wolf sprinting down the shoulder of the road after the vehicle.

"He was running so fast and he had his eyes only on us because there were ...Read more

VIDEO: Car factory shut down for 36 hours due to invading leopard

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(UPI) India's largest auto manufacturing plant was shut down for 36 hours when a wild leopard wandered onto the premises and evaded capture attempts.

Forest officials said the leopard was spotted about 4 a.m. Wednesday by security guards on the grounds of the Maruti Suzuki factory in Manesar.

The plant was evacuated and shut down while about ...Read more

Australian firefighters rescue kitten trapped in car dashboard

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(UPI) Firefighters in Australia spent hours working to rescue a kitten that was trapped inside a car dashboard.

Melbourne Fire Brigade Chief Greg Leach shared photos of firefighters dismantling the vehicle's dashboard to rescue the stranded kitten.

"Sunshine FS A Platoon had someone drop in after a kitten got stuck in the dashboard of his car!...Read more

It's just a pillow with a tail. And it's coming to replace your cat

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Have you ever just wanted a cat, but without a head?

The Qoobo is a new invention from Yukai Engineering that aims to give you all you need in a small furry companion without any of the mess, fuss or general responsibility of caring for a living and breathing animal.

It's essentially just a round pillow with a tail. There's no head or feet. It...Read more

VIDEO: Jaguar turns tables on attacking caiman in Brazil

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(UPI) A caiman attacked a jaguar in a Brazilian river and appeared poised to dine on big cat when the feline pulled off a shocking upset victory.

A video posted to Twitter by the Araras Eco Lodge‏ shows the caiman, an alligator cousin, attacking the jaguar from behind in the Pantanal wetlands.

The combatants disappear underwater for a moment...Read more


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