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Wolfdog reunited with owner after five days on the loose in California

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(UPI) Animal services personnel in California said a wolf-dog hybrid spotted roaming loose was safely reunited with its owners.

The Sebastopol Police Department issued an alert Sunday on Facebook warning members of the public that the hybrid, commonly known as a wolfdog, had been spotted south of the Highway 12 bridge on the outskirts of town. ...Read more

Richard Requena/Chicago Tribune/TNS

Town to expand program that 'deputizes' feral cats to control rat population

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Police in Niles, Illinois -- a suburb of Chicago -- expressed satisfaction with a pilot program begun in August to “deputize” five feral cats to control the rat population, a police official told Pioneer Press. Now, the department says it is looking to extend the program.

The cats have lived around the 7800 block of Nordica Avenue for about...Read more

K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS

Cory the rescue dog has passed many tests. But how will he do dangling from a firefighting helicopter?

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It was noisy, with the chopper blades creating their own wind, as a search-and-rescue dog named Cory and his handler were lifted by a hoist into a hovering helicopter. The pup didn't let any of it faze him.

Wearing googles to protect his eyes, Cory was strapped onto the chest of his trainer, San Diego Fire-Rescue firefighter Chad Arberg, as ...Read more

Information and tips on how to watch out for and treat canine influenza

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Did you know that dogs can also get the flu? Canine influenza or dog flu is caused by a specific type of influenza virus that infects dogs. While not the same virus that causes seasonal flu in people, there are some similarities. The AKC® Canine Health Foundation® offers tips on what you need to know about canine flu to protect the dogs in ...Read more

Blind dog rescued from frigid pond in New York park

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(UPI) A blind dog was rescued from the freezing waters of a New York pond by a pair of city police officers.

The New York Police Department said Officers Branden Williams and Marc Esposito responded to a 911 call about a dog in danger of drowning in the pond in Queens' Baisley Pond Park.

The officers arrived to find the senior border collie, ...Read more

Jorge Castillo/The San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS

Plans for Petco Park rodeo draws animal rights complaints from local Democrats

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SAN DIEGO — A three-day rodeo scheduled for Petco Park in January is prompting complaints about animal cruelty from the county Democratic Party and animal rights advocates.

They are lobbying San Diego officials and the Padres to cancel the event, which would be the first rodeo ever at Petco and the first within the city since one at the ...Read more

Lineman helps rescue kittens from high voltage area in Connecticut

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(UPI) A Connecticut utility worker doing maintenance in a high-voltage area ended up rescuing a quartet of kittens in danger of electrocution.

Branden Collins, a lineman for Eversource, said he was working in an area with energized lines and transformers in Stamford when he spotted the four kittens.

"With the energized wire and the energy from...Read more

Angelina Katsanis/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS

Americans are spending $700M on Halloween costumes. For our pets

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Barbie strutted down the street Saturday, wagging her tail to hoots and hollers.

The canine's owner, Jessica Klugman, decked the 11-year-old chiweenie — a crossbreed of a chihuahua and a dachshund — in a blonde wig and pink glittery bodysuit for a dog costume contest as part of Saturday's Halloween in Hopkins, Minnesota. But Pearl's model ...Read more

What is an emergency for your pet? Knowing if your dog requires emergency care

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As a veterinarian and former emergency vet, clients and friends often ask this question when it comes to seeking care for their dog: can I wait to see my primary care veterinarian the next day or do I need to go to the emergency hospital right away?

What to know. Veterinary emergency hospitals, just like human hospital emergency rooms, ...Read more

Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/TNS

Mountain lion scratches hiker as it lunges at dog on California trail, officials say

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A young mountain lion went after a small leashed dog as it walked with its owner along a California trail — and scratched the hiker’s hand when they held the dog away from the cougar’s claws, officials said.

The attack took place in Solstice Canyon, a park in Malibu’s Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, officials said in a ...Read more

N.C. trail camera photo sparks fears of tiger on the loose

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(UPI) Authorities in North Carolina are investigating a grainy trail camera photo that some observers said appears to show a tiger on the loose.

Rowan County Sheriff Travis Allen said an investigation is ongoing into the identity of the animal snapped by the trail camera in a wooded area of Rockwell County.

Rowan Animal Services Director Maria...Read more

How you know when your dog is due at the dentist

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Dental care is an essential part of not only grooming and keeping up appearances but also keeping your pup healthy on a greater scale. You should brush your dogs’ teeth regularly to keep their mouth and teeth in good condition. However, there are times where the dental care required goes beyond your own capabilities, in which case you should...Read more

K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS

Billy Joel and Sting are teaming up for a 2024 Petco Park concert in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO — In what may qualify as a double musical grand slam for Petco Park, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Billy Joel and Sting are teaming up to perform a joint concert at the downtown San Diego ballpark next spring.

Their April 13 concert here is one of only two joint U.S. concerts by the two music legends scheduled for next year, at least ...Read more

Firefighters use ladder, dog treats to rescue husky on ledge

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(UPI) Firefighters in London used dog treats and a turntable ladders to rescue a husky found stranded on a window ledge.

The London Fire Brigade said crews responded to a home at which a dog was perched on a narrow ledge after apparently climbing out from a window and finding itself without enough space to turn around.

"When we arrived at the ...Read more

David Middlecamp/The Tribune/TNS

Gavin Newsom spent $50 million to end animal euthanasia. So why are more pets being killed?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A room in the back of the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter is the last stop for some of the dogs and cats that come to stay at the facility.

Far from the barks and meows and day-to-day bustle of the brand new, brightly lit $20 million building, this room has muted lighting and a quiet, almost reflective atmosphere. ...Read more

Tools to help tame your dog’s waistline

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The number one thing you can do to improve your dog’s health and lifespan is keep them at a lean, healthy weight. It can literally add years to their life! This fact was demonstrated by a 2002 study that found Labrador Retrievers fed to maintain a lean body weight lived almost 2 years longer and had delayed onset of arthritis and other age-...Read more

British cat's 54.59-decibel purr breaks world record

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(UPI) A British family's 14-year-old cat earned a Guinness World Record when her ear-splitting purr was measured at 54.59 decibels.

Bella, a cat owned by Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, resident Nicole Spink, was awarded the record for loudest purr by a domestic cat (living) after her sounds were measured by a Guinness World Records adjudicator ...Read more

Reported mountain lion in Pa. was a 'feral house cat,' state says

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(UPI) Reports of a mountain lion on the loose in Pennsylvania's Lehigh County were the result of a large house cat wandering through the area, officials said.

Thomas Keller, a biologist with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, visited Lower Macungie Township on Monday to investigate a reported mountain lion sighting that included photos snapped ...Read more

Ivy Ceballo/Tampa Bay Times/TNS

How 2 Tampa Bay county pet shelters bucked national spike in euthanasia

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TAMPA, Fla. -- Animal shelters across the country are overrun with a flood of surrendered pets this year, leading to a spike in euthanasia rates — but not in Tampa Bay.

A sea change in the animal control systems in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties has doubled the rate of pets who leave the shelters alive in the last decade. They did it ...Read more

Tools to help tame your dog’s waistline

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

The number one thing you can do to improve your dog’s health and lifespan is keep them at a lean, healthy weight. It can literally add years to their life! This fact was demonstrated by a 2002 study that found Labrador Retrievers fed to maintain a lean body weight lived almost 2 years longer and had delayed onset of arthritis and other age-...Read more