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Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG for action and rude humor.

What it’s about: Supervillain Gru and family have to go into witness protection after a threat from a rival. Wacky high jinks ensue.

The kid attractor factor: It's animated and it features Minions.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Try to find the root of the problem before things spiral out of control.

Violence: Some perilous moments but nothing serious.

Language: None, just some rude bathroom humor.

Sex: None

Drugs: None

Parents’ advisory: Fine for kids, torture for adults.




Rated R for strong violence, gore, sexual content, graphic nudity, language and drug use.

What it’s about: Maxine Minx, an adult film actress, tries to make her way in Hollywood in the 1980s, while her past comes back to chase her and the Night Stalker prowls Los Angeles.

The kid attractor factor: Teens might be drawn to the '80s sleaze style.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Do not accept a life you do not deserve.

Violence: Extreme bloody violence, shootings, stabbings, dismemberment, beatings, torture, etc.

Language: Swearing and strong language throughout.

Sex: A few scenes of graphic sex with nudity, references to sex work, pornography, etc.

Drugs: Maxine is a habitual cocaine user.

Parents’ advisory: Way too bloody and graphic for kids. This is for adults only.


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