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What Am I Thankful For? Don't Make Me Say It


Cicero called gratitude the "parent" of all other virtues.

Gratitude is great.

So why is it so annoying when someone demands us to be grateful?

Maybe because gratitude is a journey without a destination. There are times we feel more grateful, and less, and at one point, we may be just as likely to feel petty as we are gracious.

The same way that you can't make yourself fall in love, you cannot manufacture gratitude.

We might feel a wave of gratitude watching our kids pick up their plates after dinner and put them in the dishwasher. Or maybe we'll sit, with a full belly, in front of the TV later that night and sigh in bliss.


When gratitude flies by like that, we should grab it, quickly, before it disappears.

Right now, we might think, I feel lucky.

But false gratitude is worse than none.

God instructed the faithful to pray behind closed doors instead of in public, like hypocrites. Similarly, the act of performing gratitude cheapens it, somewhat.


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